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  1. I liked Johnny Mnemonic better than Bright personally.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to help us enjoy the game more!
  3. I have no issue with people farming. My only issue is when people get powerlevelled to 50 and don't know what any of their powers actually do.
  4. Its a new addition, debuffs will stay on an anchor until the mob despawns. It works that way with all anchor based pwoers now.
  5. The best mob in the game is ... a Nemesis Plot.
  6. I take it you didn't actually read his post? He clearly stated that they're not in Orobouros.
  7. I also had this occur to me. It happened with the second mission Redside from Slot Machine in St. Martial. The mission was a timed mission and it autocompleted as a failure when i clicked on the door to enter.
  8. Machines 2-4 shold run COH fine. #4 would be the cheapest option, but personally i would go with #2. The Ryzen processor should have no issues, but its a newer chip, and Ive never run COH on it, so Im not certain about COHs' performance with it.
  9. https://score.savecoh.com/index.php/topic,13.0.html instructions posted in thread above
  10. That this isn't some sort of plot by Lord Nemesis?
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