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  1. That’s fine. Sorry if I sounded aggressive too. I’ve just seen this thread necro’d by the same people multiple times because a few of them have an extreme victim complex and can’t figure out why people dislike their attitude and felt I had to speak my mind and my experiences with them. I don’t often like posting on the forums primarily due to differing opinions, but I felt this was important.
  2. No clue where you got 20+ from, but yes it is about 4 people in my entire experience of Everlasting. I had a lot of interaction from two of them due to them having been in SGs I was also in. For one in particular instance, which I won’t name the players involved, whenever group content was done, if the slightest thing did not go their way they flipped out, screeched in team chat that we would fail miserably, quit, continued to send angry tells to the leader for nearly an hour, and then cry at the same time to another member about how unfair the leader is to try to get them to gang up on them. All this over the leader saying “Oh we don’t need a tanker for this we have plenty of support.” I have long since ignored them on both of my accounts, but I also frequently see them posting about how cruel and mean people are to them on the forums and discord. I’ve joined many supergroups and coalitions that have had similar experiences with this player with similar results.
  3. While I understand that, the issue is that I gave a few of these people the benefit of the doubt half a dozen times each. They cried crocodile tears each and every time and continued their behavior sometimes minutes afterwards of getting pushback. Then again and again months, now nearly two years later they’ve still failed to reflect on themselves.
  4. Sadly, many people in this very thread do this/have done this and refuse to understand that they’re often the instigator of the negative treatment they receive.
  5. The tanker Res proc does fit well, and the absorb shield is pretty handy if you slot it in a consistently proccing power (Such as Crushing Uppercut in StJ since you hold to use it with combo-points). But, there is the issue that the +Res proc can be kind of pointless depending on the Primary set being used. I think there should be a +Defense proc to go along with it for the sets that can't utilize the +Res. On Controllers Energy Font just kind of...flails around and aggros extra mobs and/or dies unless you're using it in conjunction with your big recharge controls, which cuts into how often you can really use them. The only power I've consistently had more than 2 Fonts out at a time(The bare minimum before they actually become useful) with is Arctic Air, which is the only saving grace to the proc in my testing and experience. A better solution would be to instead of summoning a pet with the durability of tissue paper is to add something to the effect of Contaminate from Radiation Melee, anchoring the effects of the Font on a target that persists like toggle-debuffs on corpses in case the proc occurs on something like a minion, rather than an uncontrolled pet.
  6. The issue is you're cheesing yourself out of actual damage trying to play upkeep the damage buff by having to spamming your ST hold to maintain that actual meaningful percent-damage increase. What good is Rage if the only two powers you can use in the set otherwise is Jab and Punch? It's literally the core feature of the AT, how is that "forcing you" to play a specific style? You should have not picked the Scrapper if you don't want to play the crit game. That aside, it's exceptionally easy to force out the Scrapper "free crits" proc using a number of powers across the different sets, any AoE with a moderately long recharge (Most higher-tiered power-picks in melee sets) will let you control activation of the critical mode to go ham thereafter.
  7. The reason it didn't cost inf to change your costume on Bree was likely because you changed your costume before level 10, it's free until then and it was like that on live back in the day too.
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