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  1. Thanks, completely forgot about CoD. I really need the immob, so frustrating to have mobs run off of whirlpool, then have them run back as soon as it runs out, and nobody on a team really likes having the mobs scatter, so a fast recharge is more useful than a little more damage.
  2. Looking at Mids, v., database 21.0127, cannot find anything newer. I'm interested in the AoE immobs for my Water/WP, to many mobs run off the Whirlpool. Electricity Mastery shows Chain Fences an 8 second recharge, mag 3 immob, No information on number of targets. All the other AoE immobs are either 16 or 20 second recharge. I can't seem to find any more recent information to confirm/dispute the planner. I do not want to do a respec and find out the planner is wrong. I, also like Ice Mastery Frostbite, even if it does not immob a target, at least slow them some. Than
  3. Bring your Tanker, 1800 CET, 20 March, to Kings Row at the Independence Port gate for all Tanker teaming. Hope I got the time differences correct, since I am on U.S. daylight savings time, gah.
  4. I'll check, fairly sure I have the Hess TF unlocked. Made a post in the Reunion forums, maybe that will help get a bigger turn out.
  5. Bring your Tanker, 1900 CET, Saturday, 20 Feb, to Kings Row at the Independence Port gate for some all Tanker love and teaming.
  6. Got a reply about Babbage spawning in Steel Canyon, quote: "This is actually the correct behaviour of the encounter - Babbage will spawn near to where the first player who leaves enters a city zone. It just doesn't matter which city zone. The Kronos Titan encounter is very similar." I have never seen this before even on live. I wonder if some of the missing Babbage encounters actually spawned in another zone. If we had take Babbage around the Statue, would Positron and Val joined the fight?
  7. Every time I try and run the new version my AV kills it for containing ransomware attack trying to modify protected files.
  8. Sorry about missing the Reunion TT, there I was Saturday morning not much happening, and then it was Saturday afternoon.
  9. cleared the Saturday morning todo list, should be there.
  10. The Abyss is now and was always a co-op zone, unlike the Hive, still heroes only. Wish you could access from a base teleporter.
  11. Submitted event to the December Calendar
  12. All Tanker Hamidon Raid. Meet in the Everlasting Kings Row at the Independence gate, 9PM EST. Join the TankHQ channel for updates. Other useful things to have: 1) Change out your Origin power to Tranq Dart at the P2W vendor. You have to remove the current one, then add the Tranq Dart. 2) Gold Rings from the Ski Chalet. 3) Place a hold proc in a set that allows them. Examples: Blistering Cold, for Melee ST sets, Devastation for Ranged ST sets, etc... For fun get the Chain Gun from the It's Raining Lead mission assigned by Chance McKnight works wonders on
  13. For the Reunion Tanker Day, I am U.S. west coast, that makes most of Europe +8 hours, so anything mid-afternoon eastern easily works for me, but, I still wake up early, no alarm clock since the lock down, still wake up at 4:30am. Saturday or Sunday, no preference, just fewer morning tasks to do on Sunday, nothing that I can't move one day to another. I am not even sure what would be a "best" time, I did a Numina at 4pm my time, took less than 5 minutes to put the team together, did Citadel 10am-ish, took 20+ minutes, both done on the same Saturday. As for Reunion, my tank there i
  14. Can't wait for this. Also got this added to the Calendar: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/calendar/ off topic a bit, I see you, @Warboss, have a Reunion weekend tanker day, when plz, I do have a tank there.
  15. All Tanker Hamidon Raid. Meet in Kings Row at the Independence gate, 9PM EST. Join the TankHQ channel for updates.
  16. This is were I am at so far as always I can never get the planner to export anything useful, could use some help on what setting to use. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1524;736;1472;HEX;| |78DA65945B53525114C7F7E16C5410154404EF80181705A58B355DA7096B2A6D309| |B7A6AEC885B240D990333656F7D83AE6F95F5DA43AF5DA7BE45F72FD0C5EAB5275A| |9EFF92683803FCF6F9EFB5D7DA6BADBD99B996713D3D71E388D05CC7568D7279FE9| |C515C51A67DC6C81772821E67C630578219B3B05469A6D7
  17. as always, slot probably not in best spots. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1583;772;1544;HEX;| |78DA6594C94F535114C6EF6B5F2D2D055ADAD2324399DA021D84A5090B19828201C| |16163C8139EB4FA2CCD6B89BA34714C5C20386C54408CEEDC98B8E07F304E71DE3A| |CF5B57F5F47D07DAA42F6D7FE77EF7DC7BCEB9E7F68D9F1E743C1C393B2024C76E4| |DC96466A695D40955B7EE53B28BBAA2097ACC738B092BD18FA99941F5989ACAA891| |43494D4B2F9C52F5469E185735558D0C69EA6C564FCE2A1A04D7682AA1EA6A2A1BD| |9321C130B0B5A644C55D2C
  18. This build was originally from the 8 years ago. One of the things they did( back then) to try and get a better balance between defense and resistance was change how attacks were defended against. Instead of getting multiple tries on defense, (typed def and positional def) attacks were flagged as typed or positional and you only got 1 try on defense. Instantly, resist based characters performed closer to defense heavy characters. One affect of that was a lot of defense based characters heavily favored type or positional, (Super Reflexes comes to mind) my SR scrapper started taking more dama
  19. I don't see a lot of Widows in game and even fewer Night Widows. This is what I am currently using, some what experimental. Trying some things just cause. Relatively inexpensive build, or at least easy to come by enhancements. This is a melee character, Night Widows are not known for their ranged damage and this build makes no effort to over come that lack. I found my original build from years ago. Went a little crazy with the defenses. In the past I used build up instead for follow up, liking follow up better so probably going to keep it. I did not try to get perma ha
  20. All data here reported from GPU-Z Manufacturer: NVIDIA Model: GTX1660 Ti Operating System and version: Win7 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes Optional info you like: Driver Version:
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