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  1. I didn't take your word for it because even what you linked for proof disputes your claim as "working as intended". It is indeed a bug that they were working in before shutdown.
  2. There i Theres no way this was intentional. It seems like such a stupid choice.
  3. It appears that, after respecing into a bane spider after having been a crab spider, there is an issue with the crab backpack staying, regardless if I have it selected in the tailor menu.
  4. I shouldn't have said OP because you are correct in that it wouldn't change the tide in some overhauling fashion. I still think it should not be added because the overlying problem is with IO/MM interaction in general. It's almost a waste to try to build set bonuses with MM because your pets get almost 0 benefit from a majority of those bonuses. Fix the core issue before mending it with a decent compromise.
  5. Necro - I still think Necro needs just a bit more AoE to perform somewhat closer to the other sets when it comes to damage. Give Grave Knights Slice. I really like the pet aura removed and put into upgrade option. I think it should be enhanceable though and the base needs to be relatively low. Having them have a high base would be way too big of a power jump starting at level 6 and 32. Beasts still need help. I disagree that they are fine. Buffs to their AI to where they arent howling out of combat could help. I happen to agree with PH that Gaussian should not be on enforcers. It makes thugs too good imo.
  6. @Jimmy Now that it seems you all have a specific direction, how long will the testing period be? I want to play these on the regular servers NOW.
  7. Honestly I think the AT that will benefit from this the most is Doms. The +special in the T9 is a major boost and overall the set is great for them. You get +damage, +recharge, plenty of heals etc.
  8. I agree. This is one of the best suggestions I have seen that get to the core issue of the set without reinventing the wheel. This set is unique and fun. I hope it stays that way. Changes to the numbers is the way to balance this, not making it something different from what it already is.
  9. I was shocked to see them take out the +special of empowering circuit. It made the set unique and fun. It nerfed the ability from a practical standpoint and the set lost a lot of character IMO.
  10. See t6: I think this would make the set much much better. Its currently weaker than Siphon power while the rest of the set offers nothing of significant value other than Faraday Cage. I don't think your solution to T9 is the direction I would go. I like what others have said about making it closer to the numbers of AB and pain bringer but keep the +special.
  11. I hope they are just taking one main issue at a time if these are the changes we are getting from the copious amounts of feedback from before. I understand we are not the ones balancing the set but its still seems like all the major issues are there. Changes to shock are welcomed but the rest of it seems almost like nerfs???
  12. I really like this. I mentioned these two powers specifically before. Both feel weak in their current forms and switching them around while buffing empowering circuit seems like a great change.
  13. My $.2 about the set to reiterate what others have said: I really like how this set is kind of a mix of others in what it does but it doesn't seem to do one better than any other except maybe heal/shield output. Energizing Circuit - considering this has a 12 second base recharge with 25 second uptime, why not let the affects stack? +35% damage is pretty low for a power that you have to use often to keep it up. Amp up - with 5 stacks of static this gives someone a measly 35% recharge bonus. This power already has an incredibly long CDR and the affects are pretty negligible. Especially since it only targets one person. I feel like this set is close to Kin in the some of the buff types but compared to it, it is store quality. Kin is and has always been overtuned but this set needs some buffs to the numbers. The ideas are FANTASTIC and I really enjoy the spirit of it, but it needs a lot of work on the numbers.
  14. Any indication of when this will be ported to masterminds and other AT's on beta? This set looks very fun for masterminds yet, we cannot do any testing.
  15. I agree. I feel like you only need one tank a group regardless. Whenever I team with another tank, whoever gets the lead is the important one. The other just hopes to do well enough. A good tank will get the aggro of the entire group and not die regardless. What is the other supposed to do? be a weak scrapper?
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