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  1. If multiple characters are allowed I can get it to 100:
  2. I use a powexec_location target macro for Tar Patch that usually works great, but I've noticed that once in a while the power fires but there is no Tar Patch around my target. I've figured out that it IS dropping on my target, but at whatever the lowest location is at their feet. So if they are on the ground it works correctly, but if they are on a second level like in a warehouse map, it will drop on the 1st level instead. I'm not sure if this is a known issue or not, I searched around but didn't find anything on it.
  3. Here's two things I've been doing that speed it up: Each time you click an obelisk it gives you a medium blue inspiration. During my runs I combine these into a purple insp, and before the AV I use two purples. It's enough def to make it through easily even without full stealth. If anyone is dying on the last part this should help. Also for clearing groups around the obelisks, you can click the obelisks from super far away, so far away the groups won't even notice you. I wish I had noticed that a long time ago.
  4. Finally done. Thanks for managing this list Sister!
  5. Customary post event badge update screenshot:
  6. All done until Spring/Anniversary badges. Almost sad I'm caught up, badge hunting with all of you has been so much fun.
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