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  1. I love grabbing trade paperbacks both old and new with great stories. I will list some great ones here that are outside of the obvious choices like The Killing Joke or Watchmen (but by no means all of them, probably forgotten plenty!) Modern: The Immortal Hulk <-- holy crap this is good Batman Superman: The Supergirl from Krypton <-- the artwork and story are great, Supergirl never drawn more beautifully Godzilla: Rulers of Earth <-- a great read that my kids loved Kingdom Come <-- Not a huge Mark Waid fan but this is a must
  2. This is a terrible idea for so many reasons. 1) Do you really want to police players for having opinions just because they are different from your own? You are advocating accountability for things that should be reserved for the more serious issues such as racial slurs, attacking sexual preference, etc.. 2) The whole point of General Chat is to chat. If you disagree with an opinion get in there and voice your opinion if you care that much about it. 3) How would you enforce this? Racial slurs, attacking sexual preference, etc. again as my example, is easi
  3. I'm leveling my third Stalker with StJ, done regen, willpower, and now invuln. I just can't get over how much oomph StJ feels when the attacks go off.
  4. Small quality of life changes for me would be adding more animations. I love that Tough has the Flex choice so I don't have to beat my chest. =) Thinking outside of the box I would ideally like to see Power Pools be removed from themes and changed to what your trying to accomplish to shore up weaknesses or just because of flavor/RP. For example, a AE power pool or a ranged attack power pool. From there we could pick powers that thematically go with our characters. Maybe something like my Stalker decides to grab a ranged attack from the "ranged attack powe
  5. I would love to see more builds under this topic. Maybe a Regen or Willpower build. This is good stuff! Playing around with StJ / Inv and I came up with this: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1498&c=689&a=1378&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594CB4F534114C6E7D25BCBA3151068794A85425F505A28BA3441047929097F00A930C28DB5256D51EA63E15E13F1B155E3CE8D6BFF0CDFD1886B212AE0DB1D1EFA7D4093DEE4E637F3CD9C9973BF3977A656869DCF466F9E5486EB543291CDCECEE412C98B3AE39899B3746A4EDB945255CBA9C4253DEF5DD499B443FA6ECE999DD249AD234399C495A4955A68DF9387F5059DCAEAC858EAF27232A53389F35
  6. I'm only seeing up to level 35 missions listed.
  7. I've been going through the level 50 missions to keep track of merit rewards, here is a rough list of what I've done so far: Upon the Psychic Plane - 82 merits - ridiculously long arc, seriously Operation: World Wide Red - 50 merits - 3 hours(ish) The Rikti Negotiator - 7 merits - 20 minutes To Save a Thousand Worlds - 72 merits - 3 to 4 hours(ish) A Hero's Hero - 60 merits - 2 to 3 hours - every Praetorian Elite Boss/AV The Marauder's Cell - 3 merits - 10 mins The Black Shroud Dimension - 2 merits - takes longer to find Darkstar on the map than to act
  8. I can tell you from experience now that Shadowmeld is pretty much up when ever you need it. I tossed 4 Luck of the Gamblers and 1 Recharge Reduction (lvl 50). I also went double Recharge with Hasten. Right around 20 secs or so cool down. I also went Ageless Core and when I pop it its pretty much there permanently if I want it. I don't bother with keeping it permanent, only using it on those "uh oh" moments, and wow does it really shine.
  9. kosten07


    Oh, thanks for this! I completely forgot about accolades.
  10. kosten07


    Yes, multiple when you count what comes with the sets. One thing I noticed is when I actually got to 50 and started slotting the sets my endurance problems for the most part went away.
  11. kosten07


    I ended up skipping MoG and focused on Shadow Meld, and wow is it great, it also has a much faster cool down than MoG. I ended up going with Musculature Total Radial Revamp for the +Dam and +End. Here's an image of current Defense without Shadowmeld. I ran out of money before getting everything I wanted but so far its doing pretty well.
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    LOL right on! I am not totally clear on all the nomenclature, what are P shifters?
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