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  1. Character Name: Gempathy Global Handle: Gem SG Name: Blame the Healers Shard: Indom Passcode: Indohub-1675 To the 'left' of Pocket D you'll find the Indohub Dance Club; just a block of clubs with space docking and donuts, floating in the shard. For your amusement, there are 5 exploration badges hidden outside the club. Enjoy!
  2. I'd been wanting to do a cyberpunk themed base for awhile now and Fortune City gave me the kick in the pants I needed. Love this base!
  3. Commission Fae Ruins base on Excel DREAM-10181 The workshop is tucked behind the waterfall.
  4. FROM PEANUT: Alright Ladies and Gentlemen the announcement for the next TFO! Task Force order 1. Lady Grey Task Force 2. Mortimer Kal 3. Khan Date - Saturday May the 30th Time - 9 pm eastern time / 6pm Pacific Server - Indomitable Starting Place - RWZ Ending Place - Founders Falls Rules for the event - Temporary Powers Will Be Turned off -No Inspirations - Missions need to be set at +0 x1 -Long Range Teleport Pool Power will be banned -Base Teleporter will be allowed -Teams will be set no Archtype switching allowed -Only 2 of each AT -Incarnates Allowed -TEAMS OF 6 Prize Money for Task Force Olympics Event #2 1st Place -300 mill to each member of the team 2nd Place -200 mill to each member of the team 3rd Place - 100 mill to each member of the team If anyone would like to contribute to make the prize money larger pst @Peanut My global has now changed so make sure to message my new one or message me on discord
  5. Think I will be sitting on this count for a while haha. I'm @Gem, an Ill/kin - I love helping with MO runs, so hmu if you need help.
  6. Yep, another one. In this one tho, you can race on the super speed track, host a CC in the club (it has a catwalk!) and use the speed ports (color coded and divided into Blue-Line, Hazard, Magical/Co-op and Villian). Jaded speedsters channel and @Cultivated Darkness hosted a big CC for our anniversary and we got crashed by GM Smol - SO FUN! My intent is that this be a space used by whomever enjoys it, so please do! I love yous guize! Do: /macroimage "E_Icon_StreetCred" "Indo Hub" "enterbasefrompasscode hub-6968"
  7. For Indom on our anniversary ❤️ "enterbasefrompasscode hub-6968"
  8. Nice to see you back at it!
  9. Personal storage base on Indo; a fully functioning base disguised as an apocalyptic tower ruin.
  10. Thank you! Shoving them into walls lets you fit all 18 storage items into the one room fairly easily. You definitely don't need a huge base to have everything you need anymore. The locker look is totally borrowed from the HC basebuilding discord hahaha
  11. Commission on Indo for a small bunker-style, personal storage base, with all amenities. Built solely in the Secret Entrance Room. 😃
  12. @DirtyDirty I think they mean RO as in Repeat Offenders. I know the Ro you're speaking of tho, I don't think she's made it back. @Darkk of Super Nation was looking for her too. SN is on Excel.
  13. Commission on Excel for Super Nation SG; recently completed, they were looking for a mystic Roman vibe. Passcode is sixtynine-4374 on Excel. For instant base travel copy and paste: /macroimage "Tyrant_Fly" "Super Nation" "enterbasefrompasscode sixtynine-4374"
  14. The global channel Jaded is alive and well on Indom. Come speed with us!
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