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  1. "Hey, boss. How come all the other supergroups have big beautiful bases, but we're working out of a tiny little cheap-ass garage in Kings Row?" "Because when the bad guys inevitably attack the base and blow it up, it'll be a hell of a lot easier to replace than an expensive Batcave under stately Wayne manor." SG: The Faraday Irregulars Password: ProdigysGarage-4651 Global: @Avonlea Tight, functional, and charmingly lowbrow, this is superheroics done on the cheap. The one high-tech feature was to hide a teleporter in the globe in the leader's office for ease of access in his secret identity, and although he's not wild about having people in his office (especially that shifty-looking guy from Icon), at least they're not hanging out in the secret garage...
  2. Yes, that's very helpful, thanks! I've used the trick where the glowies trigger off of one non-required glowie, but I worry someone might click it and half the map starts blinking. 🙂 But I was unaware that things like the circular logic gets ignored for non-required objectives...that's great information!
  3. I like the idea of using collectibles as set dressing, but I'm having trouble finding an objective that is impossible to complete to be their trigger. Apparently you can no longer set them to trigger on the death of an ally boss, and it also seems to prevent circular logic. Any other suggestions on what would be good to use for this purpose?
  4. Ahh, that would do it! Unfortunately I don't have Hover or Afterburner to readily test with, but that makes sense!
  5. I checked, and if you're flying and press the jump button while Jump Pack is toggled on, the animation changes to show the flames coming out of the pack, but there's no change to flight speed. I recall in the old system this did buff flight speed while it was active (very handy for slow flyers), and the power description confirms there's supposed to be a +245.00% buff to flight speed. Not seeing it, though!
  6. The Jump Pack temp power claims to include a boost to flight speed, but that part doesn't seem to be working. The jumps and such seem to work as normal, however. The attached screen shot shows the combat attributes window with the power toggled, if that helps! I petitioned it as a technical issue and CR Miss was apparently able to duplicate the issue.
  7. WOW! That is flat-out amazing. It's not just like being in a club, it definitely has the feel of a whole instanced mini-zone. Seriously impressive! :)
  8. It was lots of fun! For I think three or four years starting in 2004, the company held a Halloween costume contest where you'd dress up as your character in real life, out in public somewhere. People submitted pics and then they'd post them on the web site. That first year among other prizes the winners got cameo appearances in the comic as well as permanent in-game titles that showed up above your character's name. (I don't know what the other winners' titles were, but since I won Most Daring, my title read "Costume Bohemian 2004") I'd never even heard of the word cosplay at the time, but those contests were my gateway into lots of fun costuming stuff. A whole 'nother spinoff hobby I can thank CoH for! ;D
  9. Yep, that's how I did it, too! One of the prizes for the winners of the 2004 Halloween costume contest was to appear in the comic. (I won Most Daring, but there were something like six categories, as I recall.) Good times! :D
  10. Humungous thanks to everybody who made this miracle possible! I'm actually still kind of in shock, I was totally certain I was never going to see this game again. So many memories...I'm quite verklempt. :) Thank you!
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