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Best Base in Paragon City, 3.0!


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Greetings Everlasting!


The Vanguard League is once again running our semi-annual SG Base Building Contest! We've upped the prize money to more than 15 20 Billion influence in cash and prizes!  You have 2 or so months to enter the contest and complete your base or it's upgrades.


We’re very pleased to announce a special guest judge has been added to our roster! Last Spring's Grand Prize Winner Veracor (@Veracor) of Castle Simulacrum ( SIMULACRUM-6940)  will be serving as our 3rd judge in this contest.



1) Deadline for Entry to the contest is 18 October 2020. No entries will be considered after that. Please register your SG by including the name of the SG, the base passcode and a contact either here (reply  in this thread) or in an in-game email to @Blushield. Incomplete entries will not be counted.


2) Prizes will be awarded in on Saturday,  7 November 2020 at 7:30pm US Eastern.


3) 2 judges from the Vanguard League will begin scheduling tours about 2 weeks before the awards. Bases will be judged broadly on Theme, Creativity and Technical merit by each judge. The consensus of the committee is final.


4) Previous contest winners and judges choice winners (winners in the May 2, 2020 contest) may not enter this contest (to give others a fair shot at it).


5) SGs are welcome to open their bases to the general public for viewing, but are not required to do so.



1st PRIZE:  5,000,000,000 inf

2nd Prize: 3,000,000,000 inf

3rd Prize: 2,000,000,000 inf

These are the "Best Overall" Category. It's possible to start out in the categories below and end up here (SGs will only be awarded 1 prize however).

Other prize categories include:

Best Base RP/Public/Club: Bases in this category are generally open to the public/have public facilities. Theme is an important component of judging and we're looking for a consistent, well executed concept that defines the club. If your RP base is closed to the public, that's fine, but you'll be judged in the Functional HQ category.  Note: The ENTIRE base does not need to be public. You can have public facing facilities and private base rooms/offices etc.

Best Base: Small: Looking for tight, well designed bases that would be considered "small", e.g. single person bases, travel hubs,. etc. If you are using half of the largest plot, you're probably not "small".


Best Base: Functional HQ: Does your SG fight crime from your orbital satellite? Will you finally "show them all!" from your underground lair? Looking for theme, but also function, e.g. does the base serve the daily needs of the SG?


Best Base: Maze (new!): Because people like Mazes!


Judges Awards: These are at the discretion of each of the judges. There aren't many rules here, just "Hey, I like it".




Every time we've done this, we've seen amazing creativity from the Everlasting Community! This is your chance to shine!


Good Luck everyone!


NOTE: While the GMs have seen fit to run their own, server-wide contest in roughly the same time frame as ours, the Vanguard League has decided to continue forward with this. After all. our prizes are much better 🙂

Before you ask, yes, AFAIK you can enter BOTH contests.

Let's make sure that Everlasting wins the server competition, we've had both practice and a head start!


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Added Maze catgory
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On 8/25/2020 at 9:54 AM, RoboKnight said:

SG: Antech

Passcode: Marsbase-3909

Global: @Knight of Iron Star



Welp. There goes the competition. 

I guess I'll still post:
SG: The Phenomenals
Passcode: Funplex-11364
Global: @Wravis

Give me money to draw your characters!

Visit one of the public RP spaces I've made on Everlasting!
Cabin-8752 - Funplex-11364 - Crash-15210 - Law-18824 - Exploreonfoot-20176 - Upside-14574 - Boardwalk-23004 - Gym-25035 - Chicken-25922 - Campus-25500

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Guess I'll pitch in, maybe the deadline will get my butt in gear to finish detailing more aspects of the base. Problem is it runs at -1 fps when editing, so it has been very painful!
using over 12,000 objects will do that I guess.

SG: The Alpha Division
Passcode: alphad-1335
Global: @LtZerge

Even if I don't get anywhere I'm just happy to have people experience the base. There are door portals all over to different areas that will be vital to seeing it all. 

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SG: Fortune City
Passcode: CYBERPUNK-14407
Global: @ScarredSilencer

I'll pitch my base, why not. However, I've got A LOT of work to do to make sure it has a bit more to show before said tours mentioned. Hopefully I can crank out a bit more to look at. If not, well, at least it's small, but detailed.

UPDATED: Here is a map to help visitors navigate the map.


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SG: KGB Special Section 8

Passcode: KGBSS8-3602

Global: @ironjoe


We still have a bit to finish but I like that we technically have three bases within our base with our main HQ, our moon base, and a secret functional street base. It's just different.

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Firemullet Groupies






TB ~ Amazon Army: AMAZON-963 | TB ~ Crowned Heads: CH-10012 | EX ~ The Holy Office: HOLY-1610 | EV ~ Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401 | IN ~ Sparta: SPARTA-3759 | RE ~ S.P.Q.R. - SPQR-5010

Spread My Legions - #207 | Lawyers of Ghastly Horror - #581 | Jerk Hackers! - #16299 | Ecloga Prima - #25362 | Deth Kick Champions! - #25818 | Heaven and Hell - #26231 | The Legion of Super Skulls - #27660 | Cathedral of Mild Discomfort - #38872 | The Birch Conspiracy! - #39291

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As a member of Alpha Division, I support Lt.Zerge, however I'll enter a base of my own!

SG: Hawthorne Heights  (I found out there's a band by this name, but no relation lol)
Password: Hawthorne-9177
Global: @Nova Chronum

*Note* I update this base for seasons and holidays, so there will be decorations for Halloween at the front of the house.

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