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  1. So Elec/Time is a good combo? I actually just made this combo. Haven’t played it yet but had an idea for it that I’m still hashing out.
  2. So I’m 98% sure that I’m getting a Logitech G602 for my birthday, best wife ever. So I’m going ahead and looking for some help on how to bind to the buttons on the mouse. Mainly I’m just planning to bind certain powers to them, nothing fancy, but I’m ignorant when it comes to this kind of stuff. What I’m assuming is that if G5 is one of the mouse buttons, which I think it is, it would go something like, /bind G5 “powexec_name Healing Flames”. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I’ve been wanting to build an Inv/SS lately. Would it be fair to say that @Hyperstrikethat this build could be used on a Brute as well? Even though I’m honestly not sure which I want to build. Tank or Brute.
  4. @Regloh, what’s this toon’s story? Just out of curiosity
  5. StoneColdJoker


    Was looking for a build and can’t find one. Anyone know if it’s a good combo? Was going to make an alt of my main and was wondering if it’s even worth it.
  6. Gotcha. Thanks again, @Mercurias
  7. I care, @Mercurias. I care. That’s why I asked lol. Thank you. That’s exactly the type of info I was needing though. And yeah, I want it to be fun but also a powerhouse at the same time. And since you brought up Perma-Don, anyone have the number for what global recharge needs to be for that to happen? I played a couple of Doms back on live but never tricked them out.
  8. Awesome guys! Thank y’all so much for taking this on!
  9. So I just built a Mind/Rad Dominator and I’m wondering if it’s a decent combo. I saw where Rad was fairly low on the secondary tier for Doms but it seems like a fun combo. Anyone have any experience with it?
  10. Dang. I’m going to be at an Eric Church concert that night lol
  11. I had an EM/FA Brute back on live and he was amazing. I remade him when I got into Homecoming but then remade him again to SM/FA when I learned of how bad EM had become. If it gets fixed will definitely roll one again
  12. This is an amazing idea. I was wondering if anyone was going to try this
  13. Awesome. Thanks, MetaVileTerror .......why don’t I ever think to look on Paragonwiki?
  14. Is there a cap for the amount of -Res that can be done? If so, what is it? Purely PvE.
  15. Looking to build something to maybe solo AV’s and/or GM’s with. I’ve heard tale of rad/rad defenders doing such but wondered if sonic attacks would help out since they have -Res. But I’m wondering if a defender would be better or if a corruptor. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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