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Gas- based Power Set.


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8 hours ago, Sykersomatic said:

I was reading some old Superman comics today, and I was reminded of heroes that used gas as their primary forms of attack. Sleeping gas, choking gas, obscuring smoke, etc.  Was thinking that surely we have the assets for this to be rewired into a debuff/ control set?

Well, when the game launched, blaster Assault Rifle was basically the "frankengun", because it fired bullets, shotgun shells, grenades, and jets of flame.  I suppose a set that utilized a "do anything gun" or some sort of large-bore canister gun, could work, (though it seems really specific for a power set).  Personally, I would love to see customization get to the point where you could choose gun animations for any blast/attack/ranged set... Want a sonic gun?  Choose those animations for sonic blast.  Want a freeze ray?  Choose gun animations for ice blast, etc...

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