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Irradiated Ground not taking ATO's?

Sgt. Terminus

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Technically you can put 6 procs in it, although +accuracy might make 5 plus incarnate better.

I am not positive what the proc chance tables are and whether it is affected by the aura's recharge (4 seconds) or the aura's pulse timer, but in general, IG has a pretty decent proc chance per 5 second slice.

I usually slot it for achilles heel proc, fury of the gladiator proc (I know they don't stack but they do both tend to affect almost everything) for -res, armageddon-damage+5 (I never use all 5 of a purple set, and usually ditch the damage in the set cause it goes way over ED...the rest of the set in mine is slotted into atom smasher) because it gives +66%, lady gray neg proc, shield breaker lethal proc, and obliteration smashing proc.

Since swapping around sets to make it a proc monster, it has improved my idle farming by a good 20%. So I KNOW it has a real effect.

I haven't noticed an increase on my active farming speed since I was slotted solely with fury -res proc and the shield breaker set, that may be because I am wired tightly for darned fine DPS and I am not really timing stuff right now. or maybe the procs fade into the background compared to 600% damage and standard attacks. But the -res procs sure as heck aren't drowned out.

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