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Attack power comparison


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Has anyone put together a spreadsheet/website of all of the attack powers and their base statistics? Like damage, activation time, and recharge time? I know you can see some of that information for a given power you have taken on your enhancement screen.  I was just wondering if anyone had compiled it anywhere.

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There is an old site that did that. Red Tomax's City of Data. It's dead now, but it lives on now via archive.org. it has a lot of broken links, but most of the info is there (no sentinel stuff)

PPM Information Guide               Survivability Tool                  Interface DoT Procs Guide

Time Manipulation Guide             Bopper Builds                      +HP/+Regen Proc Cheat Sheet

Super Pack Drop Percentages       Recharge Guide                   Base Empowerment: Temp Powers

Bopper's Tools & Formulas                         Mids' Reborn                       

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