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Ice/Ice, is it really that bad?


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To be totally honest, and based from experience, the best kind of "dominator" using Ice/ Control that I have played so far is an 

Ice/Storm Controller post lvl 35, and even better after getting T3 Ageless.  

You got a damage secondary, very good AoE,  defensive tools in the secondary that mesh well with Ice control and debuffs to increase your damage as well. 
Throw in Water Spout from Leviathan Epic... voila !  


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On 10/9/2019 at 11:48 AM, Dark Current said:

AA is an end hog.


The AoE immobilize used to prevent Ice Slick's knockdown... I think that has been changed on homecoming though.


Flashfreeze aggros before the sleep takes hold because it does a tick of damage first. So you take an insta-alpha for using it. Then it suffers the typical problem of mobs waking up with damage so if on a team that's a guarantee.


The set conflicts with itself positionally: AA and Glacier are melee controls... Shiver and Aoe immob are ranged.


There's only so much -rch / -spd you can stack, so stacking your controls doesn't really do much when compared to stacking most other controls.


Jack has a glass jaw.


I think the easiest ways to bring the set to match the other control sets are:

  1. Make the AoE sleep mimic electric's sleep. Any mob that enters the patch of Flash Freeze will be damaged, slowed, and slept. Repeatedly. This would give Ice another (or first?) strong AoE control early in the set (Ice Slick is pretty good... until you try it on fliers or fast runners.
  2. Make Shiver do -dmg or -resist along with -spd / -rch. Something to make it worth the pick. Heck, I'd even take a cone repel effect on it similar to Gale, sans kb / kd.
  3. Allow Ice Slick to accept IOs and put in some ticks of AoE damage from the falling down. Now you can put slow sets and AoE dmg sets.

These are relatively 'minor' changes for which I think the code is already there / could be modified (I can't say this for sure as I've not seen the code personally).

My idea for shiver was to turn it into a Targeted Area puesdo pet which pulses -rech and possibly a stun. This would make it a unique power able to slowdown the alpha. Probably breaks the cottage rule though.

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Well they listened to some of my suggestions with the proposed changes on the Beta server. Only took a dozen years or so.



On 7/12/2022 at 2:05 PM, The Curator said:

Ice Control Changes

  • Shivers:
    • Renamed from "Shiver".
    • This power has its cooldown increased from 30s to 40s.
    • Added a scale 10 Fear cone that has a 45 degree arc (the slow cone is still 135 degrees).
    • Now accepts ATOs, Fear enhancements and sets.
  • Ice Slick:
    • Now does damage.
    • Now accepts Accuracy and Damage enhancements.
    • Now accepts Ranged AoE and Universal Damage sets.
  • Arctic Air:
    • Now has Overpower and Domination effects.
    • (Dominators) No longer accepts Fear enhancements or sets. This power never applied a fear effect.


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