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Did they shut down dual boxing functionality for ToT event?


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I am trying to dual box on 2 accounts while the server is not full or close to the limitation mentioned in the Terms for dual boxing. The second account I log in to keeps crashing. And when I log into that account first then the primary account crashes. Never had this issue until now. My computer is definitely able to handle it, I have an uber gaming PC. So the only thing I could think of is that the servers must be detecting it and shutting it off somehow? Maybe for the ToT event?


I am running 64-bit client btw.

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Only issue I have noticed since the most recent patch is that on logging out to character selection (via a bind) one of my three accounts throws an error about not being able to login and drops me to the login screen. But I'm doing ToT on three and experiencing no other issues.


All three are 64bit, two run in maximised windows (regular graphics options), 1 in borderless full screen (ultra with cell shading).


PC is Ryzen 1600, GTX1060 6Gb & 16Gb RAM.

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