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If you get vendor trash on Reunion...


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Google does a thing called reverse image search. And then you were told he presented a show. All you need to search was provided.

8 hours ago, boggo2300 said:

With a picture with zero context, yes


I used to play under the handle @Purple Clown, back on Live. Now I play under @Lunchmoney


I'm in the UK and play on Reunion.


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You know you're old when you remember watching Eurotrash late at night after your parents went to bed, because that kinky lunacy was one of the only sources of mild titillation in a world that wasn't yet awash with billions of hours of porn so explicit and easily accessible that you can actually be considered somehow 'boring' or 'vanilla' for not wanting to shove stuff up yours or anyone else's butt.

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The idiot formerly known as Lord Khorak

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Antoine de Caunes?! Crap, I didn't recognize him in that pic, he looks so young there!
Don't know about Eurotrash, when did it air. Likely before I was born.
I could have stumbled on it had it aired here.
Oh crap I'm old too.

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Part-time table flipper

Global: Skathi the Huntress

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