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A few thoughts


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People that know me will be surprised that I have hardly posted here😁

After being back for about a month a few things have come to mind (what little mind I have left).


On live I played mainly defender, blasters and controllers now I seem to be playing scrappers most of the time.


I still can't play what I think of as red side on blue.  Plus I still can't get into being a villain😀 67 years of my upbringing I guess.


But some things are the same as my years on Defiant still very friendly players who will put up with an old codger😄


Thanks to the team for getting my all time favourite game back.

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Ex Defiant and proud Norfolk OldBor

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A state of mind where the player (most commonly a Scrapper or Brute) dashes from foe to foe without regard to surroundings. Similar to berserkers, players in Scrapperlock may fail to notice damage being taken by themselves or their teammates.

It should be noted it's considered bad form to wipe out the 8-man spawn that killed everybody else on the team.

Common symptoms include going the other way than the team, surviving going the other way than the team, and the words "You guys go ahead, I'm waiting for my rez to recharge."



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Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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