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Traps final power replacement

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Strictly speaking this doesnt have to be a replacement for time bomb, I just figured it would fit there pretty easily. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to have a placeable version of repulsion field, without the -end tick per mob. So basically a smaller no-melee zone that is placeable. I figure the radius should be big enough to fit about 2-3 teammates total. The idea being you could create a choke point or keep mobs out of melee range at a critical time. Like the rest of traps it would be targetable and destructable.

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The only way to make Time Bomb "useful" as a power is to turn it into a Toggle.


Casting Time for the Toggle version remains the same as the Click version.

Endurance Cost for the Toggle version would be 26/(15+9)=1.083 per second with an activation time of 1.5 seconds ... so 1.625 endurance every 1.5 seconds.

Interrupt Time gets dropped entirely.

Range is basically "at your own feet in front of you" ... just like with Trip Mines.


Basic idea is that every 1.5s a 15s duration damage buff to the Time Bomb of +30% gets added ... meaning the longer you wait to detonate it, the bigger the boom, up to a maximum stack of 10x buff stacks of +30% each (for a max buff of +300%).


Toggle OFF Time Bomb to detonate it, so that it can be detonated ON COMMAND when the time is right to do so.




That's basically how I'd want to re-create Time Bomb to be ... functional ... today.

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11 hours ago, Galaxy Brain said:

Could Trip Mine / Time Bomb (I'd like these to be combined into a "Bomb" power honestly) use the temp power tray like the Origin pools with a new power "Detonate" that you can command?

I agree that they are too similar. Combine them into one and call it something like "Remote Detonation". I would still like to see the power I suggested as well, but something Generally gadgety would suite me fine.

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