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Is Darkest Night redundant on a Fortunata?

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I have been looking over the Soul Mastery pool and having run a Dark Miasma character before I have been a fan of Darkest Night.

Is the Patron Pool power the same as the Dark Miasma and is it redundant on a Fortunata?


I got the Data Below from a reply in a related thread but can't find the Data from Dark Miasma to compare.  http://web.archive.org/web/20140705004729/http://tomax.cohtitan.com/data/powers/archetype.php?at=13



Soul Mastery Lvl Acc Dmg Act Int Cast Rch End Rng Radius Arc Area
Gloom 35 1 1.76 - - 1.1s 12s 10.66 80ft - - Character
Soul Tentacles 35 1 0.935 - - 1.67s 20s 12.74 40ft 40ft 25° Cone
Dark Obliteration 41 1 0.9 - - 1s 32s 18.98 80ft 15ft - Sphere
Darkest Night 41 1 - 0.5s - 2.37s 10s 0.325 70ft 25ft - Sphere
Summon Widow 44 1 - - - 3.2s 900s 26 60ft - - Location
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It confers a 17% -dmg debuff to enemies it targets, as well as an 8.5% -ToHit. I'd say it was more use to your teammates than you, as fortunatas have a lot of defence as a baseline. 


If you want a bit of a focus on team support, it's a reasonably good power and one worth a few enhancements, but it would be of relatively low use in terms of personal survivability, unless you're going up against enemies with lots of -Def. 


Also note that debuffs scale poorly against enemies higher level than you, so against +4 enemies both of those values would be roughly halved. My philosophy for pool powers is "does it solve a problem?" and the answer is "not really". 


As it has two debuffs (which is part of the calculations for the aggro mechanic), it would help you hold aggro a bit better, though, so maybe if you want to build a control tanker it'd help a bit. 

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42 minutes ago, Sou1catcher said:

[...] can't find the Data from Dark Miasma to compare. 

Here's the link to Defender Dark Miasma: http://web.archive.org/web/20140821042044/http://tomax.cohtitan.com/data/powers/powerset.php?id=Defender_Buff.Dark_Miasma


And a silly little chart:


ToHit Debuff

Dam Debuff

End Cost

Cast Time












The range, radius, and recharge for both versions are all identical.


And unless you have more endurance than survivability, I would personally recommend skipping it for the reasons that @Gulbasaur mention (specifically, it doesn't solve a problem most Widows have).

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DN I find helpful. I used to run with aid self but since focusing more on increasing resistance really just a tiny bit coupled with DN... regen and health procs. Since resists are highest  as health drops having the smallest bit of -Dmg goes further when battle can be a real cheek clincher. I've survived epic battles at moments by a hair of health which I wouldn't of had without DN. It also gives me extra time to allow for mobs to pile on top of me if I'm doing a pull.


I haven't regretted the change yet. Am able to solo 52 av s without lore pets (haven't tried higher), and also soloed Babbage without lore.


I was purposely not using DN last night testing my window against my new 50 sententil and really felt the difference. I wanted so bad to take DN on my SR sent but couldn't give up the large radius immo for my RoF. 


Back to topic. 1 vote for DN. With procd and hami o tenticles. Procd obliteration ( the dark air if that's the name) and DN. Soul has been nothing short of amazing for my build.




  image.png.04ed478057818a73ab719505f04b29ea.png                    image.png.42c80ce1c325baca8986b52f21ef6e81.png

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