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Character Back-Up Files


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The ol' https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/9872-a-question-from-the-homecoming-team/ has a lot of people asking to never have to start over again.  And I got to thinking . . . there's a tool which copies our characters over from Live to Beta, right?  Would it be possible to make a version of that which creates a downloadable file which contains all of our characters' data?  I realize that it would be nigh useless without also having Homecoming's version of the server files, but there's something to be said for a sense of security and peace of mind.  A layer of personal protection from something dreadful, just in case.


What's the feasibility on that?

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See this thread. There's the /buildsave command, which'll export your current build to a format similar to Mids. And the tailor lets you save costumes/power customizations. There's also commands to save binds/window setups.


Things like badges and completed missions wouldn't be included, but this should help with restarting if necessary. A way to dump the data for all characters simultaneously would be nice.

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It should be possible to take the Sentinel+ code, which would save an archive of your currently logged-in character from live to an XML file -- build, background, costumes, badges, inventory, etc. -- and tweak it to read from the Homecoming servers. IIRC, some of the private servers had a utility to load these archives into their servers (requiring server admin access to do so, so it's not something casual users could do). This would give people a way to save off their own characters to put into their own private server if things go badly south.

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