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MM only (or mostly, but likely only) MSR on Monday 2/17/20


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In honor of Presidents Day I am planning another MM MSR on Monday. 

I’ll update with exact time later, but I’m thinking around 5pm 4pm Central.


we had no problem getting a full league last time. If time allows we’ll try to do 2 so everyone can do it who wants to.

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Just a note to say that this is set for TOMORROW at 4pm Central on Everlasting. I know it is short notice, so please help me spread the word. Thanks!

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It's difficult for me to schedule a time in advance when I know I can be online, and I know that the timing wasn't perfect for many. Also trying to be mindful of other scheduled events going on, as well. Still, MMs made up most of the league.


I'm still playing with my green screen settings, so I have a hole in my head that randomly appears and disappears, plus the sound balance is off, and it's way to long to watch beginning to end - but here is the video: 



I'm hoping I can find a time to schedule one on a Saturday afternoon soon. Thanks to everyone who DID come out!


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3 hours ago, Snarky said:

I don't think I can make this.

We'll miss you!


Also bumping because tomorrow, Saturday 2/22/20, I think I can plan to be online around 3:30pm or 4pm. I'll update as I can, but we'll try this whole MMMmmmmSR again.

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