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Lord Outgoing - Alternate Dimension version of Lord Recluse


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So, I've been tossing around the idea for a Praetorian version of Lord Recluse - Lord Outgoing - and I'm going through the lore and wanted some assistance.


First, where was the story of Marcus and Stefan's discovery of the Well of Furies given? Is this in-game, a comic, or a novel? How about the Praetorian version, where Marcus kills Stefan?


Second, was Primal Earth's Billy, Stefan's first kill after the Well of Furies, given any more detail than that Billy was a friend of Stefan's?


Third, did Praetorian Marcus become an avatar for both Zeus and Tartarus' powers, or just Tartarus?


Fourth, would a heroic version of Lord Recluse, who never associated with Arachnos, be a Mastermind archetype, a Tank, a Scrapper or a Brute?



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I don't know all that much about the lore, but I think if I remember correctly Tyrant gained the power of both Zeus and Tartarus, yeah. I believe the story of the Primal Well's discovery is covered in the novel Web of Arachnos. 

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Praetorian Recluse never happened, Stephan Richter was killed by Praetorian Cole when they discovered the well, so he never even had the chance to become Recluse or anything else. I forget exactly what mission states this, but it is stated quite clearly in either dialogue or a clue in a Praetoria mission.

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I know it's mentioned earlier - the personal story where you play as Tyrant has Recluse explicitly note he won't suffer his counterpart's fate, and Tyrant muses on doing the same. 


Billy was a member of Marcus's gang (Stefan was 2nd in command and much less of a 'cover all continencies plotter' before the Well.  He seems to have convinced himself he was in charge over the decades since)

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15 hours ago, Dreamboat said:

I believe the story of the Primal Well's discovery is covered in the novel Web of Arachnos. 

It is, but the novel is from before the Incarnate and Well of the Furies lore was really fleshed out (2005).  Marcus and Stefan drink from the Fountain of Zeus (which is hidden underneath the Well of the Furies, an actual physical well filled with water) and transform into supermen, then they open Pandora's Box to release superpowers to the world, which destroys the cave they found all this stuff in.  The details in the novel are very different than what would later be established as Incarnate lore.


"So the secret of the Well of the Furies-" began Stefan.

"Is that it's nothing more than a diversion," finished Marcus.

Also from the book, Billy the Bean was a minor character that was part of Marcus and Stefan's crew.  Here's the scene where he finds Stefan after the destruction of the Well and Fountain:


"Stefan?" called out Billy the Bean.  The ex-ambulance driver was in front of the boat, leaning over, peering into the dark sea.  "Stefan?  Is that you?"

A dozen emotions flickered through Stefan's brain.  He had known Billy the Bean for nearly fifteen years, and they had escaped many a tight situation together.  A good man to back you up, the Bean had a way of making you laugh at your mistakes without being insulting.  There was no question, he was one of the finest men Stefan had ever met.  But, at this instant, he was primarily a man blocking the fulfillment of Stefan's dreams.  That could not be tolerated.

"Hey," said Billy, searching the water with a flashlight, "are you-"

Stefan erupted from the water, grabbed the Bean's head with both hands, and pulled him facefirst into the sea.  Billy struggled for an instant, but only an instant.  Stefan twisted his wrists and, without effort, broke the other man's neck.  The Bean was dead before the ripples caused by his plunge into the sea had spread more than a few yards.


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Thanks, all.


I know that Praetorian Stefan was supposedly killed, but I don't know the details. Also, this is a comic universe. Nobody ever really dies.


My thinking is that:


After the explosion on the island, Billy went out in search of his friend Stefan. Finding him alive, but barely breathing after being mortally wounded by Marcus, Billy was able to stabilize him and get Stefan life-saving medical attention. Though he guessed that Marcus had caused Stefan's injuries, the details Stefan described of his betrayal shocked Billy to the core. Soon after, Marcus made his presence known as the first recorded Superhero known to recent history. Terrified that they may be discovered, the two into hiding for decades, knowing the truth about Marcus' character and seeing him slowly take over the world. Though they tried to stay away from society, over time, they discovered that others knew the truth.


Billy and Stefan eventually aligned themselves with the Resistance, but Billy was killed in a raid, Stefan retired and, again, went into hiding.  Constantly questioning what he could have done to stop Marcus all those years ago and wondering what he could do, now, while also fearing discovery and retaliation, Stefan was always restless. As Stefan grew older and wizened, near death's door, he decided he had nothing left to lose.


Stefan traveled back to the island in an attempt to find the Well, once again. He knew that its power had corrupted his friend, whom he had thought of as a brother, but he also knew that only one who drank from the well would have a chance at fighting back against Tyranny. After struggling through the rubble that now blocked the entrance to the cave, Stefan crawled toward the Well that he remembered so well. The exertion was too much and Stefan's heart gave out. With his last breath, Stefan stumbled and fell, his torso draping the walls as his face plunged into the cool waters. But Stefan did not die. The powers of the Well inundated him, and Stefan arose, again. Age melted away and Stefan regained his youth.


Filled with power and hope, Stefan vowed to fight tyranny wherever he found it. Never again would he hide in the shadows, as he dawned the mantle of Lord Outgoing.



So, yea, what archetype would he be?


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