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Complete Praetoria storyline


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I'm trying to come up with a chronological timeline for the entire Praetoria story, So far I've come up with this list:


Tina Macintyre
Maria Jenkins
Gold content
First Ward
Night Ward
Admiral Sutter
iTrials: BAF to MoM
Dark Astoria
iTrial: DD
Belladona Vetrano
iTrial: Magisterium
Mr G/Prefect Marchant
Number six


Am I missing anything or is the order wrong?


The Kallistiverse COH site:


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My timeline is based on a post by @oxmox, with a few changes based on release dates and when characters drop out of certain storylines.


0. Original Tina Macintyre and Maria Jenkins arcs

1. Goldside arcs

2. New Tina Macintyre and Maria Jenkins arcs

3. Apex TF

4. Tin Mage TF

5. Admiral Sutter TF 

6. BAF trial

7. Lambda trial

8. Keyes trial

9. First Ward arcs

10. Underground trial

11. TPN trial

12. MoM trial

13. New Dark Astoria arcs

14. Dilemma Diabolique trial

15. Who Will Die? arcs

16. Night Ward arcs

17. Belladonna Vetrano arcs

18. Magisterium trial

19. Pandora's Box arcs

20. Provost Marchand / Mr. G arcs

21. Number Six arcs

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Added Goldside
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Check out the Unofficial Homecoming Wiki! Contributions welcome!

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