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  1. Everyone here is giving a solid background on the term, but in my experience "min/maxing" has been generalized to just meaning a highly optimized build or strategy. A min/maxed blaster (or anything else) just means a really strong build for that AT. Typically that includes stacking defenses to get at or near the soft cap and enough recharge to chain together your strongest powers.
  2. Weekly TF and Hami raids, or just playing missions with the windfall temp power. As others have stated I wouldn't bother farming specifically for shards because farming threads is so much faster. If you do have a few shards already the tier 3 alpha is great value using shards, just 8 shards plus 1 weekly TF and you've got it.
  3. oxmox

    Atomic Manipulation

    I stand corrected. Do you remember your attack rotation offhand? I don't have access to any numbers right now but I'm having a hard time imagining it beating out blaze, blazing bolt, positronic fist, or whatever the earlier /atomic punch is called.
  4. oxmox

    Atomic Manipulation

    Though specifically with regards to filling your single target hold with damage procs, I don't think I would bother on a fire/rad. You have so many strong single target damage options already that I think slotting it with a hold set would probably be more valuable.
  5. oxmox

    Atomic Manipulation

    I wanted a lot of my primary and took all my secondary powers so I went /mace. IMO scorpion shield is the best value for a single skill point of any epic pool. /fire is very good if you're looking to invest more heavily.
  6. Is there any post 20 content in Praetorian other than the Wards? Unless you're counting iTrials or something.
  7. I'm baffled that nobody has suggested a blaster. The dmg/cd on blaster t9s is so wildly out of line with everything else in the game and most sets have 2-3 extra aoes on top of that. Triform warshades also dish out a ton of AoE damage, though they slow down a bit when you have to stop and finish off the bosses in each spawn.
  8. Good point re: procs. I was chasing set bonuses pretty hard in my build and so didn't experiment too much with multiple procs. The base DPA for psi dart is barely better than mental blast/subdue, so I suspect procs will put those two ahead. As stated above though, neither will be especially impressive either way.
  9. I have little experience with plant but a lot more with /psi. Psychic shockwave, mind probe, and the snipe are by far your best attacks; take and slot all of them. The rest are okay, but you'll need to fill out your attack chain somehow. Between the 3 ranged attacks, subdue and mental blast are the exact same power except one has an immob and one has -rech. Psi dart actually has a slightly better DPA than either thanks to its quick animation and you're forced to take it, so I actually use that to fill out my ranged attack chain and skipped both mental blast and subdue. The other melee attack, TK thrust, isn't awful, the damage just can't stack up to mind probe. What is nice is that it does half smashing damage which helps vs robots. The kb on bosses can also be handy at low levels. Psychic scream is your only other AoE, but it's a cone with a slow animation. I have it on my dark/psi because dark has 2 spammable cones so I'm already in position. You may find yourself in a similar situation with seeds, but the AoE damage from seeds and creepers might be enough to skip this. Drain psyche is the real gem of the set. Slot for heal and recharge rather than end mod; the recovery buff is so strong you can't possibly run out of end if you hit at least 2 targets. An extra fun tidbit is that slotting drain psyche for heal also enhances the regen debuff from 500% up to about 1000%, letting you floor the regen from AVs or GMs and solo them, which most Doms are not very good at. This is a bug that I think is scheduled to be fixed along with the tanker buffs, but luckily the tanks have stumped the devs for now and we can keep exploiting this.
  10. oxmox

    Atomic Manipulation

    Yes, /atomic is very good. In my personal opinion it's the strongest blaster secondary. The AoE hold is insane. I'll second the above recommendation for intuition radial; great synergy with everything.
  11. What a delightfully in depth review of such a forgettable contact. Though if a contact without even a story arc gets a passing grade I feel your scale may be a bit inflated.
  12. I'm all about psi blast but this doesn't sound right at all.
  13. If they weren't aware of the special mechanics for that fight they may just be used to facerolling council radios and not paying any attention to chat. I can say in my experience with people trying to coach strategy, 90% of the time it's just way too much unfounded worrying over content that half the team could solo. Wouldn't be surprising if they learned to ignore most advice and got caught off guard when something bad actually happened this time.
  14. The simplest answer would be that the level of invulnerability you're talking about doesn't exist in CoH. This isn't something unique to MMs, these 'invincible' heroes all take damage from human punches, guns, bats, knives etc. When people are described as being invulnerable in CoH, they're just able to take way more hits than a normal person before being put down. There is no Superman equivalent here: neither States nor Recluse have any showings that suggest they are remotely on Superman's level, let alone small fry like Golden Palm.
  15. TBH stalkers are basically just scrappers with more crits. There's really no need to play at a slower pace if you don't want to. You don't even have to wait to re-stealth between groups, though I suspect it probably saves time overall if they aren't right next to each other. Assassin's striking out of hide is useful to burst down one target quickly, but for overall speed it's actually better to break stealth with another attack (still crits!) and use AS mid fight to avoid the longer animation time. Even if you do wait for hide and AS it's only a few seconds; I can't imagine you're actually watching Star Trek in 3 second intervals between mobs lol.
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