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Safeguard Missions notes

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Please note: The Homecoming server is down today, so any geographic information I put here related to the game is subject to faulty memory!  I'll edit it when I get a chance.


I usually power-level to 50 'cuz I like having all content available asap.  Then I Flashback everything to get the Ouro badges.  How does that apply to Safeguard missions?  It means that I'm unfamiliar with them outside of Peregrine Island.  I only went back and played the lower level ones long enough to get the exploration badges.


Wait...  HOW did I explore the lower level Safeguard missions while I was level 50?!?!?!?!  I did something I learned about recently: I got the Villain Disrupter badge from the PI bank heist/breakout missions and then visited Agent Hassel in Steel Canyon.  He's probably marked on your map, but just in case: he's 100 yards east of the Platinum Lake marker.  He's standing next to a police van in a parking lot.  If you click on him and he only has the option to "Ask about available missions" instead of showing you the full list, just close the window and click him again.


Villain Disrupter badge:



So anyway, the Paragon wiki states that you can "farm" the Safeguard missions but I don't have enough stealth to get it to work.



1) The notification for "The bank is being robbed!" doesn't appear until you get near the entrance to the bank.

2) When you get the notification "Vandals are causing mayhem!" you can ignore the red flashing star where the vandals are located.  Instead, go look for the two enemies nearby who provide a "key" to unlock your next side mission.  The two villains' dialogue and carried items will indicate the type of side mission they unlock.  For instance, they'll have barrels and be talking about blowing something up for the bomb mission, etc.  The location of these two enemies is consistent, but different for each side mission.

3) Despite my advice to "ignore" the red flashing star, you should understand that bonus time is awarded for defeating the vandals.

4) In the PI missions, the main enemy that you're fighting is Carnival of Shadows.  Malta is involved too (and plenty of Sappers) but defeating them doesn't award any extra time.  Well, except for the trouble you save yourself by defeating them.

5) After about 4 or 5 side missions, I can never find the two enemies who provide the key to the next side mission.  It's like there's a cap on how many you're allowed to do.


Mayhem Mission notes:



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19 minutes ago, Ulysses Dare said:

There is indeed a cap on the number of side missions. It varies according to the level range of the bank mission (from two missions for AP to five missions for PI).

2 - AP, KR, & Skyway

3 - Steel & IP

4 - Talos & Bricks

5 - FF & PI

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An additional finding:


I keep my character who owns safeguard mission out of the map and the completed side missions do not reset. The key mobs don't respawn, so the rest of my team can not farm the side missions. Anyone else can replicate this?


Does it mean that we can reset only failed side mission? Is farming side missions impossible?


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