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I'm posting this here since I am unable to get a response to follow up requests.
My character, COVID 19, had it's name changed to Generic112234.  GM Korvin said the name was adult/controversial, so against terms of service.  There are MANY character names taken from coronavirus running around ALL the servers.  There's even one with a photo on facebook page City of Heroes.
I really don't understand the name to be "adult/controversial," please explain.  
There are characters in comics, Typhoid Mary, Bella Donna, Carnage, Asbestos Man, Bloodshed, just to name a few, with names relating to disease, death, etc.  And, there are MANY throughout the Homecoming servers.  Do a team search and enter an "adult/controversial" name, or just spend a few minutes in AE or around Ms. Liberty reading character names.
Please, simply, restore the name of Generic112234 to COVID 19 on Indomitable server, and let's get back to playing the game.
Thank you!

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2 minutes ago, seaborndan said:

I have.  I got a rubberstamped terms of service message.  I replied to it, have had no response, so going through other avenues.


You got your response. It just wasn't the one you wanted.


The GMs don't just hang around looking for names to generic, they generally do so when another player reports them.

Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified whole powerset sfx?

Check out Michiyo's modder or Solerverse's thread.  Got a punny character? You should share it.

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  • City Council

Due to the scope of the coronavirus pandemic, in particular its imminent lethality, names explicitly referring to it are prohibited under the "sensitive events, both current and historical" clause in the content guidelines. Please do not give your characters these names.


Furthermore, if you have a problem with the enforcement of the rules, you should send a ticket. Posting on the forums about it will almost certainly never help your case.

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