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Homecoming Server Update (April 5th): Nemesis Plots, Contests and Progression


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3 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

I made a mistake with the date and we didn't realise until today! The 15th is most certainly not a Tuesday, so we're leaving it active until tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th 🙂 

Was it a mistake, or was it some sort of.....plot?

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5 hours ago, Harangue said:

This is a nice idea, but it fixes a problem that is largely ignored because IO's have proven to be better/cost effective.


If I recall, the cost of one IO without owning the recipe/badge, will cost you about 3-4x the cost of the DO/SO, but you can upgrade it when you can without it breaking.  This makes them not only cheaper to upgrade every 5 levels than manually upgrading DO/SO, it also means you can upgrade slower at a much lower cost without breaking.


This means one of the following:

1) prices on SO/DO need to go down - this has the side-effect of lowering sale value (to vendors) and puts less inf into the economy

2) prices on IOs need to go up due to zero-maintenance

3) SO/DO need more than slightly better value scaling during a leveling process that GM's admit doesn't last long.  Perhaps instead of breaking, they maintain a minimum value that can be balanced against IO values - something to justify the cost.


IOs are NOT always better. They don't become strictly better until the 30s or above. Cost effective maybe, but..what do you really need that Inf for anyway? Personally I'll take greened out SOs over IOs before 32 (i.e. 35) myself. I don't have issues with price changes, but I feel they're fine as-is also.


2 hours ago, Redlynne said:

TUESDAY the 15th ...?



Could be because the servers are on UTC.

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4 hours ago, Peerless Girl said:

IOs are NOT always better. They don't become strictly better until the 30s or above.

The biggest thing was no longer losing effectiveness when you level. With the ability to pay inf to upgrade in the field, I may start using SOs all the way to 27 or 32. Madness!

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On 4/7/2020 at 10:05 AM, ArchVileTerror said:

As for this new Upgrade thing?  Yeeeeeah . . . this one is pretty much straight up a gameplay convenience.  I haven't thought of any reasonable and rational in-narrative explanation for it.  Oh well!  It's still a good quality of life improvement experiment.

Here's one.  You call your butler to order you an enhancement upgrade kit.

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On 4/7/2020 at 11:39 PM, Peerless Girl said:


TOs yes, DOs no. You slot DOs in where TOs used to go, and SOs in where DOs used to go, then you have IOs to go up to later. Removing both would be a mistake. You can still slot up with dropped DOs (or use them for a far better money source than TOs ever were, and it'll help mitigate the other inf changes). While working slowly toward your SOs.

I know it's a late response buuuut....


There really is no reason that DO's have to exist as you can get SO's at that low level. The only real difference is price and functionality. I don't use DOs ever ever ever. If I wanna go cheap, I make an IO or I buy SO's from the auction house. When the game did not give access to IO's, DO's had their use. Now they just take up space in the memory.

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