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Hurled Objects...

Sounds stupid, right? NOT SO FAST!


This powerset is all about throwing... things, but not SPECIFIC things.


The notion is to give a VAST array of object choices in the power customisation menu. This way players can make all kinds of crazy shit that I nor the developers even consider.


Check this out:

Now that we have Experimentation as a pool power, how about we allow the Hurled Objects character to use the flasks from the /MixFormula emote. Now we have a mad-scientist! Perfect, right??!


I suggested Rock Blaster powerset recently, and although it was a replica of what someone else had also suggested, it could simply be incorporated into Hurled Objects as a customisation option.


Downside is that it seems a lot of work and messing about with models, which NOBODY enjoys! 



Ahh, now I've thought of a better name for it...


P   R   O   J   E   C   T   I   L   E   S


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I was thinking about this one a few days ago actually, so lets give this a shot.  It's one of the classic power archetypes from comics that's missing.  "Throw shit"


Just have all the powers be relatively generic and thematically flexable.  Give them all low range but they have a lets say 10-20% chance to chain(Ricochet) with diminishing returns.


Whip (Standard t1, lethal/smash)

Toss(Standard t2, smash +leth dot)

Ricochet Throw(Heavy atk, high chain chance, lethal/smash)

Deep Pockets(Self buff,  10 sec Small +dmg/to-hit, +100% Chain chance)

Noggin Bean(Heavy attack, +chance of stun, smash, lethal dot )

Boomerang Shot(med dmg attack, high chain chance. smash)

Arcing toss(Location AoE, rain power. Leaves caltrops effect, lethal+Leth dot, No chain )

Endless Pockets(Toggle ST atk.  Continue throwing until you stop, V. high damage/Chain chance. Locks you for duration)

Perfect Boomerang Shot(V. high dmg. 100% chain chance. If it hits at least 10 targets, the last shot chains to you and resets PBS recharge x3)


Mostly short range, most low damage but lots of chance for AoE damage.  No big strong nova but a unique mechanic that gives you three shots of a strong chaining attack with no crash. Assuming there's enough targets.  Tempted to swap out "Endless pockets" for like... "Explosive toss" for a targeted AoE.


Then just give us a ton of throwing options.  Snowballs/icicles, tiny bombs, rocks, little fireballs/hot coals, coins, bottles, knives, Kunai, boomerangs, ninja stars, trash, random metal bits, paper airplanes, pumpkins, random food, sparks/sparkles, dark puffs, psychic motes, cell phones, nails/spikes, bones, guns, bullets, bees, vials of ooze, vials of not-ooze, Charkrams, those shinto paper charm things


Just... whatever, all the bits of gribble that falls off of all the other things.  There's a million and one characters that could use those themes. So many characters in the golden age of comics that are just some variation of "throw the thing."  Now, I mean, it would be silly to make a "Coin blast" or a "Trash blast" or "Bone Blast" on it's own.  A waste of dev time for something so specific.   But mechanically those are all fairly similar and would work well kinda smooshed into one "Throw shit" set.  Even if some of them later on had full sets.  Stone Blast sounds good and is highly requested.  But sometimes you're not actively manipulating the raw elemental forces of the universe.


Sometimes you're just throwing a rock.






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Well here's a visualisation for us... We're watching Batman and his sidekick fight this week's Mastermind's minions - be it Penguin, Riddler or Joker, but WHAT IS THE MASTERMIND doing at this time? He's using his secondary power set.


But it's not atomic, it's not time, it's not darkness. It's pushing over boxes, tossing grenades. It's normal, simple stuff.


That's all I ask for... just a little bit of the everyday, humdrum caper.

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