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  1. What if they added KB protection to other parts of the set and then added some other benefit to being on the ground? Maybe a small +absorb as some energy/kinetic force from attacks just defused off into the ground? Keeping the thematic feel while repairing a mechanical hole
  2. Frankly I see the overabundance of AoE at this point in the life of the game as a problem that doesn't need fed anymore then it has been. But if we're making requests to change the set more then just rolling the animation changes back? Maybe update it to a more modernish set? I'd rather see the build up changed. (IMO) Build up is a waste of a power slot in most power sets and should be changed to something more mechanically and thematically appropriate in almost all cases.
  3. It seems like maybe the issue here isn't hasten Maybe the issue is that all the big long rech powers are not impactful enough to warrant their long recharges. Maybe we need to go through and clean up a lot of the old power sets and decide what powers are "Situational" and what powers are "Every fight"
  4. I have three thoughts upon reading this thread... It's anecdotal but I have a friend(who shall remain nameless) who had a lot of epileptic seizures when younger. They're on the good meds now so it's not as much an issue. The kids at their school sometimes found it funny to mess with my friend by flickering lights at them or as a group pretending to be on their phones and all hitting the flashlight app at once. It didn't always trigger an episode or anything but it did once in a while. One too many times being mocked and laughed at while the world breaks down around them and they can't move has given my friend less than kind opinions on games that do that. I got my friend to play CoH for a bit and I don't think the had issues with elec based mobs. I didn't ask why but the Freakshow and Clockwork animations didn't seem to bother them. They hard quit after Elec Aff dropped. The idea of other players being able to make them seize and the threat of players doing it over and over to grief them was a deal breaker. Additionally. My SG had someone quit back on live when Thermal Rad came out. Because they had an Ex who dumped lighter fluid on them and threatened to light it. When thermal dropped... I want to say they quit but I don't remember honestly. I think maybe they stuck around and just only teamed with close friends? (I didn't know them well I just remember that going down in my periphery) And lastly I remember when Sonic Resistance was added in the game a million years ago, long before power customization. When Sonic was originally added it had similar effects to sonic blast. Basically rings of alternating grey. The rhythmic pulsing actually gave people headaches and seriously threatened epileptics playing. We had a whole thing on it. The Devs altered the animations, colors, sounds a half dozen times before scrapping the existing style and going with the weird orange stuff we have now. As I recall they also changed Trick Arrow's Disruption arrow for the same reason. It used to pulse faster I think. I guess my point is that this isn't a new issue. The HC devs just have to decide how accessible they want the game to be. Personally I think going hard on this and building a new UI that lets us go through and check off which power effects we want to see. Maybe a minimum option and a remove option for all buffs and wide area persistent effects. Debuff auras and dispersion bubbles such. I'm not gonna pretend that that would be easy or quick to implement. But it would solve a lot of issues all at once and I think it would be worth the investment.
  5. They might be able to lower the chance of invasions in the lower level zones. Or force the server to auto-instance any zone with an invasion and pop up an invasion free alternative. So the tram shows "Steel Canyon" and "Steel Canyon - Safe"
  6. Honestly I don't think that's really a Hasten thing. If Hasten is so good that Control/Support need compensatory buffs to them in the event Hasten get nerfed/changed. Then I don't think the issue is actually with Hasten. The issue is a lot of old control/support sets are not designed for the meta of today. But that's an issue with control/support sets.
  7. There is almost always a power in any given build that could be sacrificed for Hasten and have it improve the build's overall DPS, support, survivability, and/or utility. Across all Powersets and archytypes. That's just how good +rech is. And Hasten is a cheap and easy source of it. My main from beta onward was a Kat/Regen scrapper. Every build, no matter which way I sliced it, was always clearly better at being a scrapper with Hasten. Even when I made stupid builds. Like the time I made a sword less attack chain using Fighting/Airsup/Jumpkick; I just kept telling people I lost my sword. With Hasten that build was-- well it was terrible. But it was playable, I could still solo up to 6/+2. Albeit slowly But it also worked on my endgame builds. Using nemesis as a baseline(Pre IOs) Hasten was the difference between soloing him or not. I was able to drop an attack from my attack chain while IMPROVING my dps and squeeze in Maneuvers for the extra def. When CoV came out I mained a Robot/Dark MM and Hasten absolutely made that character work above and beyond. I think I soloed all content at max diff. Took down multiple AVs. It wasn't much but I was able to slot a bit for duration and rech and stack enough fear/hold/imob that I could pin down almost anything. I would have lost that extra hold stack that actually let me pin down bosses and AVs without Hasten. And keep the AV regen tanked. I wouldn't have been able to fear down every entire single spawn without Hasten. Now I would have been close, sure. But Hasten pushed it over the top. There was no other single power that could have improved the build as much as Hasten. All that said... I never kept Hasten on my Scrapper very long. And as soon as my MM got to 50 I chunked Hasten in the trash. I hate those glowy pompoms. It made them less fun to play having a "This is the most effective choice" power in there periodically reminding me via it's autocast that I'm min-maxing at the cost of the thematics of the character. It wasn't fun. But the point isn't that Hasten is fun or un-fun. It's that it's just so useful, the only downside is that it costs you a pool choice and a power slot. Seeing how it mechanically outweighs most other choices those are a small price to pay. It's an *almost* universal build panacea. Does your build just suck? Why not try Hasten. Are you dying to much? A little dab of hasten will fix that right up. Do your pets die too much? Are you doing a quirky themed build and want to up your play so you're not a total load for your team? Enemies don't stay held? Can't solo AVs? Is your build already at or near the true godhead but you just need that little push to achieve final apotheosis? Do you need more cowbell? AWW U JUST GOTTA SLAP SOME HASTEN ON THERE. It may not get you all the way there but the only thing that could improve your build more is, like, a 4 billion inf Purple IO build.
  8. Frankly Controllers/Corruptors/Defenders/Dominators all need to be looked at, as a whole. Irrespective of hasten. The baseline design of a lot of old support/control sets is really for a bygone era and they need some updating.
  9. I'm pretty sure you'd only need to do that if you were doing a full "wings" style rig where the dress/robe is a special model that has it's own set of animations in response to yours. So a flowing animation when you walk, a flair up when you kick, etc. But you'd have to add in animations for everything where your legs moved... that's... a lot. There's actually few "Robe" models in game already that are actually just two large leg/pant models fused together with a texture that warps and deforms between them. I think that's what the Tsoo Sorcs do? The old CoT too. When they do the kick you can see it 'cause the center strip of their robe deforms pretty bad. If everyone is ok with kind of terrible robes we can do that easily. They'd look okish when standing around but any kind of kicks or serious movement would look weird or bad. If you want to use the cape/trench coat tech could do it hypothetically. Just have a wrap around cape. But OG Devs said it looked bad and the physics broke all the time. Like how sometimes your trenchcoat butt will flip around on you and cut you in half? Like that. Apparently there was a lot of "Umbrella in a hurricane" type effects that happened everytime you walked or jumped. Honestly I think fixing up the physics engine is the best bang for the buck. It would (likely) be a lot of work but we could use that in other parts of the game too afterwards. I imagine, anyway. In the mean time more short skirt/robe options! (Also kilts/skirts for monstrous legs!)
  10. Oh! Sorry, I wasn't trying to start anything. Just wanted to make sure I was clear. I like... 90% agree with this. I don't think removing or flat nerfing it is the way to go. But I think we can wiggle it. Change it a bit to suit the evolving status of the game. (ideally as part of a larger initiative)
  11. With a full team this game does kind of turn into a... like... one of those cartoon fighting clouds? Just a big blob of glowing nonsense FFXIV has an option that's like... "Minimal FX for everyone except me" which might be a good idea
  12. I'm just saying that Hasten is taken by so many people that if you up and erased it from the game there would now be slightly more situations where people would die. Even people that didn't take Hasten. Because they were in a team and the healer's recharge was lowered enough that they didn't have a critical heal/buff ready in time. Or a boss didn't die fast enough and he got off an additional big strong power. A Con/Dom didn't have an AoE hold in time to stop an alpha strike. Or whatever. I'm not saying it would be HUGE but statistically it would have to kill at least a few extra and force far more to alter their strategy a little. How big a deal this is. Unless you only play solo and don't use Hasten... then it wouldn't impact you. Or if you're playing in such a way where your teammate's DPS, defenses, control and heals don't impact you in a team.
  13. Yeah, exactly. Even if you personally don't use it. Every buffer/healer who now has a large gap in their buff up time or has to wait for a heal to cool down. Every tank that's a little closer to dying because their defensive clicks are on a slightly longer cool down. Every Blaster/Scrapper/etc that took a chunk right off their DPS due to slower activating power. Even if you can manage to make up the gap somehow with IOs or alternitive powers/slotting. You had to give something up. Damage, def, etc. All of those are going to impact the game as a whole. You may not notice it right away but if Hasten just vanished it would make the game harder.
  14. Removing Hasten would have AN impact. We can argue about how much of one but it would impact quite a lot of builds. How easy is it to get Perma Dom without it?
  15. Well, in D&D your actions are all taken during that 6 second round. You break the "Action economy" if you can preform more actions during that 6 second period. Extra bonus actions or getting to take your turn twice due to a power kind of things. You could break CoH up like that too if you wanted. Imagine a 6 second block. How many powers can you cram in there? Normally that's a function of recharge + Animation time. If you get your recharge high enough then it's really just animation time gating you. See also; The claws buff This is a really important point. It's not just damage. +rech also makes many builds tougher. Because this game is "Are you taking more damage in a 6 second period then you are regenerating" or whatever arbitrary time chunk we use. Heals and controls both help you survive and lower the net amount of damage you taken in a given time frame. Buffs where you'd die without the buff up suddenly becoming Perma because of +rech is a massive gain. +rech is a massively potent buff in this game and should be handled with more care then it has been.
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