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  1. As I recall "jumping" is actually reverse-falling as far as the game engine understands it. Jump mechanics are wired in a very weird way. That's part of what gives it that unique feel. It also makes it hard to mess with. There was an Arcana post on it some years back when she busted open the demorecord to see what was going on I think. This game was build out of paperclips, twine and chewing gum. Every patch re-enforced that foundation with extra prayer.
  2. This... and this. Are contradictory. A game with "The Trinity" means a game that requires a tank/healer/dps to complete the content. Nothing but the Tank can survive the damage but they can't survive long without a Healer and neither of them can output much damage so they need a DPS. That has never been true in COH from the Beta onward. In both mechanical reality and design intent by the devs. I personally tanked multiple AVs with my Kat/Regen on a "DPS" class. Before CoV launched I had acted as the tank for every AV in the game. So pre IOs even. I had
  3. Alright, so Rage is the issue right? It makes/breaks the set. Can we just convert some portion of the bonus damage into a smashing Proc? Like if Rage gives 80% damage now just cut it down to 50% or 40% and add in a 100% chance for Smashing Dmg Proc to all the SS powers equal to the missing amount of damage on each power. It would stop the Crits from giving Scrappers an Assassin's Footstomp worth of damage but still give them a huge amount of damage. If you wanted to be fancy you could make the proc damage unresistible or untyped or something so they have a
  4. I was actually considering trying a Grav/Storm and seeing if I could load down the storm powers with Procs and make a little death bubble using DS. But I've never gotten a grav up that high. Would that work? How do psudo-pets work here.
  5. I would not like it if Soul Drain was turned into a basic Build Up clone, we have too many Build Ups as it is. Frankly we should be looking for ways to get rid of Build Up and Aim and Taunt and Confront and Placate type powers that are cloned across sets.
  6. This is why the Devs shouldn't ever let anything go. People get real entitled to stuff.
  7. If I recall the original power customization issue per the old Devs... The issue was the way the power works at the moment is that it overwrites your model entirely and calls up a new one. Because it's just "replace with DE_Granite_LT" there's no way for the power to transfer information to the Granite model. As all that info is stored in your model, which Granite Armor just deleted to replace with a new one. All the power customization is stored like costume info. It's not in the power it's in your model, more or less. The other stone powers for example all ADD something to you
  8. If we're trying to keep the thematic components intact then just have the status protect at all times and then double it when you're on the ground.
  9. I wouldn't change Recon like that, it works fine as it is I think. Revive is the power no one takes. Rename it to "Second Life" and make it so you can use it while alive for a big Absorb shield. Maybe make it give you a that if you use it while you're dead. Maybe have it auto recharge Recon or something too. And throw in a ton of -regen and -rech protection. There, anyone what feels Regen is lacking can pick up "Second Life" and everyone that thinks the set is fine doesn't have to change anything. And Regen gets it's most glaring and unnecessary holes p
  10. What about reducing the base NPC To-hit by say... 5 percentage points. And adding an additional 5 Accuracy to all NPCs? So if you have no defenses nothing changes you're still at a 50% change to get hit. But now everyone soft caps at 40% def no matter how many IOs they have. Then just add in Elusivity only to sets that focus on it like SR and FF to let them push back up to the 45% cap. You should be able to rejigger the math so those def focused ATs won't see much of change. Maybe shave 10% off all the +def powers and convert it into Elusivity and make +def ENH also add to El
  11. If I recall right, it's because it's not like a normal power. The power customization lets you change the effect as it's called on the player. But the "effect" for Granite is just the little rock particles and the activation animation. Once those are done the power itself, in the code, pawns off the rest of the effect to a kind of "Replace" effect. The replace calls the DE Rock monster model in. Last I heard there was no way for the UI to tell the Power to tell the replace effect to be different. It would have had to be a different power that called on a different replacement.
  12. This game has always had a progression. That's one of the defining features of role playing games in general. Everything from your powers to the type of content you can do to, yes, what zones you can access. Specifically relevant here is that CoH has always had limits on travel that created a progress. Low level characters on fresh accounts had less access to travel then a maxed out 50 with all the Vet rewards. You'd start with sprint/swift/hurdle. Everyone gets that for free. You can even buff them if you want at level 3 with some enh. That costs you both slots and inf in ad
  13. Looks like the Dev reasoning went: "Oh, we should add the movement boosts to the blaster version too, that would be nice." "Wait, historically these kinds of buffs don't stack. We don't really have a good reason to break that rule right now so let's remove stacking" "Oh, everyone hates that. But we still don't have a good reason to break that rule. Guess we'll shelve these changes until we have more time to work on it" but that's just what it looks like from my pov
  14. I thought they changed it because the ninja powers were basically straight copies of the Ninja Run power. And because ninja run doesn't stack with any of those powers it should follow the same logic. Or that was my understanding?
  15. huh... Well would you look at that. Looking at this I think I remember now. People complained that ice armor obscured too much of their outfits so they redesigned them to be easier to see through. That was early on I think. Like issue 5 or something wasn't it? Or did that change with power customization? Icicles must have used the same texture style to be all opaque. Yeah, that'd be a neat option. If anyone still has an original CoH disk you could pull the original textures they used. You might even be able to m
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