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  1. This game has always had a progression. That's one of the defining features of role playing games in general. Everything from your powers to the type of content you can do to, yes, what zones you can access. Specifically relevant here is that CoH has always had limits on travel that created a progress. Low level characters on fresh accounts had less access to travel then a maxed out 50 with all the Vet rewards. You'd start with sprint/swift/hurdle. Everyone gets that for free. You can even buff them if you want at level 3 with some enh. That costs you both slots and inf in ad
  2. Looks like the Dev reasoning went: "Oh, we should add the movement boosts to the blaster version too, that would be nice." "Wait, historically these kinds of buffs don't stack. We don't really have a good reason to break that rule right now so let's remove stacking" "Oh, everyone hates that. But we still don't have a good reason to break that rule. Guess we'll shelve these changes until we have more time to work on it" but that's just what it looks like from my pov
  3. I thought they changed it because the ninja powers were basically straight copies of the Ninja Run power. And because ninja run doesn't stack with any of those powers it should follow the same logic. Or that was my understanding?
  4. huh... Well would you look at that. Looking at this I think I remember now. People complained that ice armor obscured too much of their outfits so they redesigned them to be easier to see through. That was early on I think. Like issue 5 or something wasn't it? Or did that change with power customization? Icicles must have used the same texture style to be all opaque. Yeah, that'd be a neat option. If anyone still has an original CoH disk you could pull the original textures they used. You might even be able to m
  5. I'm pretty sure that's specifically what they don't want to do, give a stalker two assassin strikes
  6. It seemed like there was less of a delay on CT compared to Jaunt but I dunno if that is enough
  7. I'm sorry, I was trying to provoke more discussion. Both for my own ignorance and because it might help for other people to read about PVPer thoughts. Thank you! That was enlightening! A follow up question: Do the changes to the powexec_target change anything? With the targeting macros in PVE you can track Tsoo teleporters through walls even because it ignores line of sight. Hypothetically you could juke behind walls or under cover and then teleport out to hit your target. And you wouldn't have to aim when teleport-following the target. If you had a te
  8. Could you elaborate? I'm not much of a PVPer myself so I've not heard about Jaunt being used in PVP.
  9. Thank you for responding! I agree the challenge is worth it. It was rough but I managed it playing with what amounted to one hand behind my back. A little more breathing room on the fires should ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy your work.
  10. Ok, just finished it up on a lvl 20 mind/pain controller. Trying to go for something super fragile to see how easy it was. Very slow going, slowly confusing every explody guy. Also funny as hell. Ran into a bit of trouble with Cortex. But I was able to deal with it via AoE sleep + cheesing the elevators. Turned into a scooby doo bit for a while. I go up, soothe, 50 guys pop up, I confuse/hold/go back down. Repeat. I didn't die though! On him. I did die a few times when I misjudged the timings on my holds. I did want to know that in the diolog with th
  11. WHAT. I thought it was because the homecoming team was evil and wanted to destroy the game? More anti-redside bias.
  12. I have my regular travel power, the tram line, the wormhole system, Inter-zone Doors, Base Portals, Oro Portal, Pocket D, Mission TP, WW TP... etc, etc, and so forth. I get all that with minimal effort, why would I also want to spend a power choice on LRTP? If I didn't have it, I would instead use one of the million other options I get without costing me a power slot. A power slot that only, sometimes, saves me a minute of travel? When I could pick up Stealth and stack that with Combat TP to skip huge chunks of missions, saving me far more time in both the short and long run. O
  13. Perhaps a small Pocket D style AH zone that can house multiple players and has acess points from any AH in the world? My understanding is that the AH pings the server requesting all the data on the market. It basically generates a new copy of the entire market for every zone that accesses it. That's why it's limited to static zones and not mission maps and base maps. As I understand it.
  14. No, that's not quite what was said. It is a waste of a power...to spend your limited picks on. You only have... what, 22? 20-something power choices. LRTP is a waste of 1/20th of your potential power picks. It's not that it's not good, per say, it's that almost any other power choice would be better. Picking up Assault or CJ or Air Sup or even Group TP would get you better returns. They're either a flat buff to some stat or have some niche use or expand your in combat options. Even Group Teleport is something that can't be replicated by a hand full of temp powers. Even if it
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