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question about dollar signs and macros loaded from .txt (FIGURED IT OUT)


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This is currently one of the binds I have in a .txt that will generate each macro in this file when I press 9 on the keyboard.


9 "macro ATK ""$$macro AST assist_name maincharSSpetcom_all Attack Aggressive$$macro STP team_select 1SSpetcom_all defensive follow$$macro AH ah$$bind_load_file C:\cohkeybinds\setup2.txt"

You will notice however that I put SS instead of $$ so they actually show up on the macro in-game.  The annoying thing is I need to change them manually to $$ to get them to work. My question is: is there a way to make the $$ symbols actually show up in game without having to do what I am now?




EDIT:  I figured it out.


9 macro$$macro ATK ""$$macro AST "assist_name mainchar$$petcom_all Attack Aggressive"$$macro STP "team_select 1$$petcom_all defensive follow"$$macro AH ah$$bind_load_file C:\cohkeybinds\setup2.txt


That creates all of the macros with a single keybind. The problem I had was no macro$$ at the beginning and I had too many "" or not enough in the right areas. I hope this helps somebody.


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A good read for your situation: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/The_Incomplete_and_Unofficial_Guide_to_/bind

-- Underscores don't matter, but spaces do.

-- Variables are your friend, but it's easier to share macros here than in game for that reason, as "Hi $player" always gets translated.

-- $$ is great, but has limits (no macro can queue up more than one power at a time, short of using Autofire and powexec in the same command to affect two powers.)

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Checkout the links in My sig as one of them (I can't see them right now to say which) leads you to a full document on how this works.

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