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Power sound effect customization

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After having experimented with replacing some of the sounds for various powers, to make them less grating (looking at you, Sonic Attack), and just to change up a few in general, one thing that might be really cool is to open up the possibility of choosing sound effects for your powers along with visually customizing them.


I'm not sure how much work it would be (probably quite a lot, since it would be adding a new UI element to chargen/appearance editing), but it would make for some really nice customization.


For instance, one person's sonic character might be a banshee type, who screams at enemies to kill them. Another might have a sonic cannon, which does a "wub wub wub" type effect. 


I doubt this would be something that could be implemented anytime in the near future, but it would be neat to have "someday".

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It would be nifty if there was also a silent option, and/or also an option to have a caption, rather than a sound, ie. "Biff", "Bam", "Pow", "Freem", etc. or perhaps a user-supplied caption (with mandatory application of the profanity filter).


Edit: earlier thread for the same topic; perhaps the threads should be merged?


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