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A pretty cheap fire farmer


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7 hours ago, mofo said:

I spent about 50mill getting this together

cheap broot - Brute (Radiation Melee).mxd 5.22 kB · 3 downloads

1. Radioactive Smash - Crushing impact, +5 recharge

2. Fire Shield - Steadfast KB protection isn't needed in farms unless you are using a wacky one

3. Fusion - up to you, I have been 6 slot it for a 1.5% fire def, but mostly for BU proc.  With enough recharge, can get it to 20 seconds

4. Temperature protection - Pop Steadfast and Gladiators in their, save one slot.  Make up the difference else where. Psi Resist proc isn't helping at all

5. Plasma Shield - Gladiator recharge isn't helping you.  pop the Steadfast/Gladiator in Temperature protection, you can 5 slot Aegis if you want for +1.56 Fire def

6. Irradiate - Slot damage procs and Achillies/Gladiator Fury -resist

7. Consume - 6 Mocking Bereavement, +3% fire def and +8 recharge..

9. Weave - Over slotted with the Kismet def/end.  Use LotG Def/End, Def, and Def/+7.5

10. Maneuvers - Same as weave, use the 1st, 5th, and 6th LoTG.  The endurance drain is minimal

11. Devastating Blow - Should have a couple of extra slots, like the Kismet removed in Weave. 5 slot crushing impact

12. Burn - 5 slot Sirocco, +1.56 fire def.  I like to put the Fury of Gladiator -resist in the 6th slot.

13. Combat Jumping - Over slotted, really only need Def/+7.5 and maybe the pure Def.  Endurance is low to begin with

14. Fiery Embrace - 2 slot Recharge, not endurance reduc.

15.  Superior Conditioning - Performance Shifter +End Proc / End Mod

16. Psychical Perfection - Performance Shifter +End Proc

17. Health - 3 slot with Numaria, Pancrea, and Miracle.  Or 2 slot, or even Just +Pancrea, once fully built only need the base and can move the slots elsewhere.

18. Stamina - Performance Shifter +End / Endurance 

19. Only +5 boost the IO recharge in hasten, fiery embrace, and the LoTG to get a little more bang for your buck.


Here is a tweaked version, no purples/ATO/winter.  Maybe an 100ish million build, bit more recharge and same defense.   Moving stuff around, got enough slots to fill Radiation Siphon to an attack, its not a great heal and at 35% defense (about the same as your build) you are not going to be running +4 without taking a beating and just grinding slow.  +2 would be a good place to speed through more farms or +3 for a challenge which isn't to much of a difference than +4; can speed through an extra farm 4 farms instead of 3 and make up the difference with a greater chance of random drops.  Add damage procs to devastating blow / Radiation Siphon, but when building cheap just go for +rech and +def; if you are trying to min/max when you are minimal slotted you are stretching yourself out to damage when you need defense/recharge to complete it fast until you are fully kitted out.


Believe me, my first build was a similar Rad/Fire and ended up short defense at a cost of 300m...it was a struggle to break 1 billion and I gave up as it was just so boring with lack of recharge and short on defense.  Went SS/Fire, awesome until rage crashes so after a month I stripped it.  Rolled 2 Spines/Fire, got bored...Psi/Fire/Fire brute I fell in love with using a similar style from a SS/Fire, as the Psi melee is more about Style than efficiency I want to spec it to Psi/Fire/Soul for kicks.  Been so bored lately, Mids theory designed Brutes as Radiation Melee - Ninjitsu, Ice (Smashing/Lethal def, would work in normal content,)  and a Rad/Elec Scrapper (actually built) which works okay but lack of taunt in the damage auras causes stuff to scatter.  Psi/Fire scrapper to copy my brute main, even a Water/Fire/Psi or Water/Fire/Fire Sentinel (like 5 AoE) sitting at 50 if I can just get around to slotting it.

cheap broot - Brute (Radiation Melee).mxd

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"Farming is just more fun in my opinion, beating up hordes of angry cosplayers...."  - Coyotedancer

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This is somewhat expensive but can AFK fire farm. There's an AE mission that kicks you out after 10 minutes. Just run in the middle. Put Burn on AUTO. Put out your LORE pets. Eat some INSP. Activate your incarnate AoEs. Come back in 9 minutes.


No need to get bored. It's not fast but you can clean your place as your getting xp and loot.





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Thank you very much for the time and effort of that great critique @Outrider_01

I'm reticent to copy and paste other's builds, so I adopted most of your points to come up with a fun build that does the job ok. I actually reached my def and res caps without the fighting pool too. As a bit of fun, I have a lowbie toon follow me around and pop veng for a bit of a dmg bump.

Anyway, If you get a chance, feel free to give a thumbs up or down :)

Brute (Radiation Melee)(FA)Mk 6.mxd

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On 9/22/2020 at 4:44 AM, mofo said:

Looks good, couple of things though

  • Stealth, half the defence suppresses when you attack so you are at 40.5 or so.
    • Optional buff on the P2W vendor, gives 5% Def to all,  Will push you over 45% but its 2.5 million INF per hour and it stacks to 8 hours.
  • You are way over Endurance in the gas tank, but that is a personal preference.  4 slot Stamina, Superior Conditioning and Physical Perfection with the +end procs, and you have Consume.
    • Suggest you remove the 3 extra in Stamina, free up some slots
  • Remove 1 slot from Combat jumping, the percentage is tiny
  • You can ditch Super Speed while picking up Devastating Blow hits pretty hard and the text says single target attacks will cause Contaminate to damage nearby targets
    • 5 Slot Devasting Blow with Crushing impact for +5% recharge
    • Or keep Super Speed, drop the 4 slots freed up from Samina and Combat jump. 
    • You can also slot Brawl and mule in Crushing Impact while keeping SS
  • Irradiate takes PBAoE, though I don't know the damage it can do.  It fits damage procs, works pretty well but that's a personal preference
    • Suggest swapping out the -todef Shield Breaker 6 slot for 5 slot Siroccos so you still have +fire defense with 5 slots.
    • 6th slot you can put in Achilles proc to reduce resist.
  • Healing Flames you can change to Pancrea, only loose 1.25% recharge and that is tiny.  You got 1 slot to play with
    • Any of my suggestions to free up slots, you can put into health using the Miracle and Numina which adds a bit of passive Recovery to endurance.

I think you could get about 5 or 6 free slots to play with if you wanted from the suggestions to remove stuff.  Use your imagination 😉


On 9/22/2020 at 7:45 AM, mofo said:

I was like WTF?  Really slow recharge....oh wait its mostly regular IO.   that is cheap. Covers the defense nicely, I would say its 25 million at most and probably way cheaper than I guessing.  I would say this build would be decent on +2, +3 would be a bit boring with the low recharge but it could do +3/+4 if you got the time.


I was so bored last couple of days I made scrapper farmer builds (they are ok, but lack Taunt aura like a brute so things scatter and I used Caltrops with the assumption stuff is slowed enough to take damage from Burn but caltrops has its own fear effect) and a bunch of brute farmers with Electric armor using Savage Melee, Psyche Melee, Radiation Melee, Electric Melee.  They are not top performers but way different then common Fire Armor (Burn is the top winner, gives 3 damage auras if you use Spines or Radiation melee) and Electric armor beats Fire if you wanted to use it for normal content (need a different build focused on Lethal/Smashing def).

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"Farming is just more fun in my opinion, beating up hordes of angry cosplayers...."  - Coyotedancer

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