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  1. not likely to hold/maintain aggro on multiples, but if you're quick, you can usually intervene enough when 1 teammate is about to take a nap. just KU/KD & out-dmg the squishie you're attempting to save, and if they complain about your lack of tanking skills, tell em to learn the mechanics of the game & build a better char that isn't reliant on tanks taunting -lol
  2. 3.5 PPM @71.75 dmg for that one. this will help, credit to/courtesy of a longtime friend, @macskull : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vd4ZZd1jfhOzdZZkGxC9O0NN5G0T1EdWPu_XRrV6s0U/edit#gid=905771942 imo, procs are worth it in farming. esp if your build is at the limit already & can't add dmg any other way. i tend to get them cheap from lowball bids, but you can also craft the lowest lvl avail (30k vs 500k), or find an odd level where the bucket favors converting from a different (cheaper) set.
  3. weeeeell, you could both be right... product materials are typically handled by different people than those who envision or have a hand in creation. i'd say the same for whoever coded the char creation verbiage. there's plenty of room for miscommunication. marketing teams are notorious for completely misrepresenting a product, for example. just wouldn't be 100% sure of intent based anything that wasn't stated directly by the core group of Devs.
  4. most active farmers will use insp macros & not need those powers much, if at all, while you'll never use them AFK farming. the other option was to take mules, like for 2 LotG, but that starts to massively increase the price & defeat the purpose of that build.
  5. i agree with everything Nuke covered already. as for... if you're patient, this can be done for 60-70m:
  6. who reads manuals?!? lol, but really... can confirm; the best CoH players are far better at the game, and understanding the game, than any Dev would have imagined. we had a Dev within our Speedy TF group for YEARS back on Live.
  7. couple thoughts... considered swappin Scorp out with a Res shield, then just building for M/R/AoE? you can get within 5% of softcaps while having high +Res for blappin, then let team buffs make up the difference (far less likely to get +Res from the team). or, base-booster if you like that option. Rune at L22 (cause sustain at 20...) with 50% up-time is soooo worth trying to fit. it's disgusting combined with how powerful an Ex'd down blaster is at low-lvl. at L50, you can alternate with M.Core for massive Res & Mez protection most of the time, which frees-up that Ageless slot. depending on how often your teams seem to be runnin Tactics, Blazing Bolt is worth full insta-snipe dmg from 22% ToHit... i like to hit that on my own if it works within the build.
  8. normally i don't share my builds anymore, but this is an old one from about 5yrs ago & still fits what your describe here... esp for teams, where there's lots of added +Def handed out to bridge the last 18-ish %. at lower levels, which don't debuff Def nearly as much, the 27% works well. as for the OG sentiment, i think the original char was made somewhere during i2. Rune & M.Core alternate to nearly cap all Res 5/6ths of the time, i-cap Def with Meld up 15sec - down only 9sec, IH up more than not, 96sec DP Rech, & 80sec MoG Rech. sips End, added +ToHit for late-game, 7sec off perma-Haste. it's a Storm/Cobra/KaK buzzsaw ST attack chain ...which is fantastic for low level play. Moonbeam can be swapped-in later, & great melee mitigation on Tail's fast Rech. these are Standing numbers, w/o any timed clicks or Acco or Incarn running:
  9. heh, nice - good to see someone else work around ScorpShield. imagine blapping with ~softcap SLENFC Def, ~35% positional, -6% ToHit to all targets within 15ft, full Mez protection & 65-75% SLEFC Res 4min out of every 4.5min. plus -KB, & more of your own KD mitigation. ;D
  10. Agility/Spiritual Ageless Core Degen/Reactive BP Radial Ion Core Assault (Radial for active farming with Insp macros - Core for AFK farming)
  11. with the changes/nerfs coming to Arch/TA, i'm not sure what might be the best for ranged ...but i'm pretty confident Water/Atomic is the most durable melee blapper.
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