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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^... ...hot-damn, someone else gets it! ;D
  2. not that i have ever seen at all. even way back on Live, always seemed like a decent high-road person to me. oh, man, i hope you didn't take that as sarcasm aimed at you. didn't even think your misstep was worth mentioning. i'm being completely sincere. was just noting the typical M.O. we see around here. i know the internet can be full of innuendo, so i try to be direct, but esp if i'm confronting something. most of the snotty/snarky stuff around here isn't worth even calling out - i just play dumb & move on. if they really want to insult me looking for reaction, they'll have to be unmistakable with it.
  3. i've never bothered to try. there just isn't much daylight between them, and the gap isn't worth the investment to me. it was far more interesting to see how cheaply i could get under 5min 'roid runs w/o Insp macros or build-staple Uniques: ...anyway...if the "best" isn't in this thread below, then "nearly-best" likely is: 🙂
  4. nah they prefer slight disdain, underhanded, & leading provocation ...feel superior, leave room for mis-understanding, & attempt to trigger the other so they appear to be the bad guy. received my fair share. confrontation must be scary to go to those lengths to avoid it, lol. (for clarity: not being sarcastic here. just noting the typical M.O.)
  5. or even a 2nd acct just for a farmer, which allows you to AFK-farm while playing content on your main.
  6. great work! really appreciate the amount of time you put into these, and how clearly you present the data points you've tracked.
  7. this latest version is really quite good. i built mine for Fire Farming quite a long time ago, & recently decided to have a 2nd build for all content. wanted to use Mu's Charged S/L/E Res for late-game durability, but struggling to cap Melee or S/L Def so far (Ranged wasn't hard). i honestly don't think it's possible for M/R/A or SLENFC (close! but not as good as my Water/Atom/Mu Blaster) ...will revisit the attempt until i'm sure. for a break, i worked on a 3rd build with Scorp.Shield, which easily fixed the Def issue (SLE & Ranged softcap)... but can no-longer Res cap itself. i got everything i wanted for low-lvl teaming (Ranged softcap, Rune, Siphons, -KB, SB/ID, Hasten, Tough/Weave, Kismet, Absorb, Scaling Res, fantastic End Ratio), and for late-game it's solid (SLENT Res near 30%, Tactics, Veng, SS for stealth). pretty happy with it as an early pass, so i decided to see what this thread had been up to, figuring your build was still the benchmark... i traded 13% F/C Res for 20% E/N, sip nearly half the End, & got that last 1.1% to Ranged, but...welp... ya got me by 30% +Rech, which is huge. there are a few small things that mean i won't be using it myself, but hard-numbers-wise, your build very impressive. it's rare that i see a build that meets or exceeds, so i wanted to be sure to say you deserve a ton of credit for this one. great job. :)
  8. thx for clarifying that - my mind tends to run the conversion on it's own
  9. when comparing /Nin to /SR, don't forget the scaling +Res mechanic. i realize the OP's stated goals didn't specifically include durability, but since the set comparison was brought-up... if SR is built to capitalize on the mechanic with a meaningful baseline of +Res & some attention to replacing HP, it'll scrape along in the bottom 25% of your HP bar for an insane amount of time (even longer on a Brute, & more like bottom 40%). plus, you can extend the length of time considerably (if not indefinitely on a Brute) with Rune or M.Core. even with just 25% +Res baseline on a Scrap, you'll pucker at 5-10% HP for quite a while & have plenty of warning/time to pop insp... i think that beats an emergency heal on a timer any day. ...and that's coming from someone who loves /Regen, which is 24/7 emergency heals on timers, lol
  10. this is right. 3ppm vs 2.5ppm, both are 2sec hold & same +2 Mag
  11. same. the game content doesn't change a ton, while Mids is a never-ending puzzle of game-mechanics & probabilities/possibilities w/o a finish line. and most of what has changed in-game, has been AT Set combos & new IOs ...a benefit to Mids too.
  12. my good friend of many years can help you there...
  13. imo, meh. i took it on a Claw/Inv, but as a Mule it never made it into my power tray. that's about it for modern set-IO builds, but i spose if someone wanted to run all SOs still, esp w/o Hasten, it'd need to be in rotation. modern high-recharge builds do better with just the high DPA attacks.
  14. tend to agree, & would argue it results in less dmg output & even less durability most of the time. sure, they're safe at range (unless something manages to bean them from melee) - but like Nemu said, they miss-out on killing speed. Fire3 and Water/Atom/Mu are 2 of my fav's, but man it was hard to get defenses into the 40's. the payoffs are large tho... they still have high Def in really low-lvl content, which makes them incredibly powerful to blap with, & they take far less dmg in the late-game than /Mace blasters. both chars are in melee 100%. maybe take a fresh look, & try chasing typed Def instead?
  15. i don't think the Slow or Range get you much, outside Lingering, which is already likely as good as needed if slotted. the Hold Duration & ToHit DeBuff would be welcome, but i don't think they alone are enough... esp cause i skipped Flash on my ill/rad. hard to say for sure w/o seeing the build, likewise about End concerns, which i would prioritize. depending on the build, and other Incarnates, maybe look at: --- Vigor Radial --- Healing, Acc, End Reduc (was very important on my ill/rad w/many toggles & 230+Rech), Confuse duration, Sleep, Fear (S.Terror with Procs/Font?). --- Musculature Radial --- Dmg, Immob, Def DeBuff, End Mod, Run speed, ToHit DeBuff.
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