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  1. sorta? ...on avg, players are better than pre-ED, Enh are better, builds are better, and most newer sets are better. the holes and issues in Regen were exposed by all that creep, and even magnified, as other power sets benefit more from synergy with Enh-set bonuses + all the various boosters + Incarns. as a result, gameplay itself has reached new highs that peak pre-ED/nerfs Regen wouldn't have drempt possible. so, Regen was never "unkillable" -far from it. but at the time you could run an avg Regen build & out-perform other sets with avg builds, so it earned a pair of rose-tinted gla
  2. exactly. at some point ya look for a wife...
  3. if you intentionally build to utilize & take full advantage of this mechanic, you'll excel in content that tends to sink most characters (Defense DeBuff) & brush-off most of the rest. gettin Positional Def into the upper 40's is the easy bit... but by gettin SLENFC Res into the mid 40's, you provide the scaling Res with a huge base layer to start from, quickly ramping up to full Res cap with quite a bit of HP left. then you want +HP & +Regen bonuses (don't forget Accolades), which pull more weight when working alongside capped Res, mitigating small HP losses as they sporadically
  4. not that i hold any hope for un-borkage of Regen, but, what if... -- start with 25% resists to -regen, -rech, slows, etc. (basically all the crap we know torpedos a Regen). -- +20% when Recon's Tox Res is active. -- +20% when DP's HP bump is active. -- +10% when IH is active. =75% max debuff Res for Scraps. distribute +15% for Brutes over the 4 for 90% max to match AT diversity. test & adjust from there, (edit: nvm, i'd entirely forgotten there are -regen & -rech debuffs so entirely out-sized. glad i tagged Uber to remind me)... but personally the only other thing i'd really
  5. yeah ...but what if the player wants to complete an entire attack chain before our sun runs out of hydrogen & eventually becomes a nebula? ;P
  6. right-on, man. appreciate the feedback. 🙂
  7. there are also groups of "great players" who fall into the "great builder" category, & have made long lasting friendships through the same teamwork & comradery... they just tend to use build & game mechanics knowledge to play together differently than the avg player. even in the days of SOs, there were builds & game knowledge & playstyles that drew these people together (for example: use Wayback to find the "Nerf these people nao" thread ...most of them are still close friends). it's not "more so" or any less, it's just a different type of the same sentiment you mentioned.
  8. right-on, man. i'm lookin at it from the definition of "beneath/below, lower rank / secondary level, smaller part of". good idea to clarify.
  9. (for clarity right from the start, i'd never tell anyone to not ranged/hover blast if that's their preferred playstyle. everyone should enjoy the game the way they like.) doesn't the "sub" in Subclass mean "less"? and isn't limiting your powers & play to ranged/hover blasting, less than the options avail to a blapper who can fully utilize all powers & pools they see fit at any given moment? even if you can't play as @Nemu describes... if a blapper needs height & distance temporarily in a fight, hop back & use any of the many temp-flight powers. if a fight needs more dmg (Rei
  10. i built one of these about 5-6yrs ago. it'd been an idea in the back of my mind, but took prodding from another member to sort it out fully in Mids. i NEEDED a team with ice & sonic shields to survive, as we only ran speedy or +4x8 content... it was glorious and horrid at the same time. the constant +dmg buff is nice, but double Procs on top in every attack was quite good against +4s, or when we had capped dmg from a Kin. it's not the same power sets, but might still help you? Blas Femmie ; Fire-Fire-Lev (+Rech +Dmg) - Blast.mxd
  11. sounds like you need to get familiar with Mids: this guide will help with farming from a zero-budget, & explain how to best maximize your time & rewards: and finally, this is a super low cost value-option build that is only marginally slower than the most expensive ones:
  12. this is my main from about 5 years ago. there are things i'd change/improve today, but the old build might help you... it was +Def & +Rech to keep PB close to Perma for nearly softcap positionals & it's other boosting effects. everything but Neg & Psi is above softcap or icap. +ToHit on this is important for highest dmg output with insta-snipe getting spammed so much. i swapped to Spiritual Radial when solo or Duo'g TFs for the insanely long stackable Stun durations. Boost Range is useless on this Blapper. Flares is better DPA, but i rarely touched Fireblast anyway & prefer
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