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  1. i think it's difficult to compare many of the old/launch sets with the newer ones, but Kat/Reg is where i have the most hours, most incredible moments, & best memories since 2004. one of my most tweaked builds over time too... so many nerfs, lol. but also so many comebacks & learned mechanics from trying to overcome the nerfs & outlive much newer/better sets. all the upset wins in Siren's FightClubs on HOs before IOs (go ahead & judge me, lol, it was fun), & all the "that's a Regen?!? WTF!!!" tells after we got to eliminate visual effects of powers - great shit! Jinsoku Subeta has been recently reborn as TW/Rad, because i just can't be bothered yet to recreate the magic again. tho, maybe...
  2. aye. group-to-group isn't as much an issue. tend to have Melee on the team with me, who either pull groups back to a mass slaughter point and/or are within the mass with me ...HotFeet fear component works against us both in those instances. same for Fulcrum or similar buffs/debuffs... tight mobs = faster killin. certainly a different play style, as you mentioned. 🙂 i don't think either is wrong. seems most look at what fell short in a build, then patch it with Incarnate. occasionally i'll load up a build & notice they absolutely built around a set of Incarn abilities already in-mind. or maybe they have a non-typical end-goal & use Incarn to accentuate those aspects... did this myself with Fire/EM Blast + SpiritualRadial to get stupid numbers from Power Boost & Energize - perma-stun AVs, massive Heal, softcaps, 31% ToHit, insane movement speeds, etc - synergy in spades for that char. other times i know going into a build what i want from an specific Incarn... Rune/MeleeCore rotation for capped Res to SLENFC w/o gap on my already softcapped SLENFC Kat/EnA Scrap for example... i wanted to see if i could achieve both caps perma before adding Divine or Meld. i'd follow what Nemu did, as her/his builds have looked pretty well thought-out & i'd bet Incarn synergy is already accounted for.
  3. ^ eh, i see what you're gettin at, & it's not a wrong strategy. but for myself, i'd rather have bunchers than runners so Fireball/RoF/Inf/Combust/FSC are hitting max targets. if i were building for Ranged play, then i'd def look at HotFeet as deterrent ...but then i'd also definitely have 22% ToHit for my snipe too, as all of my PBAoE would be juxtaposed with the rest of the build & nowhere near as useful, limiting my dmg output significantly. at that point tho, might as well Hover & reroll as a /Dark Corr ...or dif Blast sets that work well at range at the very least. Fire/Fire needs to be in melee, imo.
  4. i don't have any Purps in this build (i know, blasphemy). Cytos were the expensive part. both Fire & Charged offer a TON o SL Res, with either FC or EN Res too... not just good vs incoming fire dmg. you have a taller hill to climb for Def, for sure, but as you can see from the pic it's possible to hit 40% Def to Melee & AoE. positional Def will cover incoming dmg of all types, which is favorable to typed dmg Def most of the time. i have a 2nd Fire/Fire build with Scorp which is softcap to SLEFC, & a lil bit of SLFC Res... but the /Flame EPP build is considerably more durable despite being down 5% on Def. functionally, the Def of both are the same in L50+ content due to all the AoEs paired with Diamag ...not much gets through, as everything gets at least 1 application of -ToHit. but when it does, it hurts far more on the Scorp build. i went with Charged on my Water/Atom, because i knew WIO's would cover a ton of FC Res, & it's even more durable than the Fire3. (57% SL, 45% E, 41% FC Resists, plus Rune & Melee Core rotation) ...but don't get me wrong, gotta hit 40-45% Def before anything else on most squishies.
  5. certain out-sized AoEs, esp with Mez or other factors that buck the traditional dmg/rech ratio (TW is calculated w/o Monentum), will prefer Core. but yeah, Radial usually for Brutes.
  6. with so much PBAoE dmg potential in Fire/Fire, i would focus on Melee/AoE Def over Ranged. you can get both to ~40%, have upper 50% to S/L Res, mid 40-50% EN or FC (cause melee=ouch), and still way more Rech than needed (55% before Haste) for all the great attacks in Fire/Fire. have a look at Fire Shield or Charged Armor especially ...i know it's not the easy-mode Def of Scorp, but there's enough +Def sets avail to still nearly softcap & allow your EPP/PPP to shore-up Res for blapping. plus, Bonfire - so good in a pinch. also not noticed this mentioned yet... 22% to-hit for full-dmg fast snipe on top of all that is very worthwhile too, as ST dmg is shallow for these AoE-heavy sets. sorry if this might derail when you're feeling close to finished on your build, but figured i'd put it out there as possible & an approach which works exceedingly well.
  7. oops. Core for your AT & 2ndary (not a heavy click set) ...unless you have very few attacks, and/or so poor Rech as to have gaps, and/or very poor End ratio as to necessitate rationing attack speed regularly. (thx to Uber)
  8. if your build is working for you, & all you want is to improve the 1.89/3.09 End Ratio (out of Adapt)... maybe move the End Reduc slot off SJ, into Weave/Manu. could pull the Acc slot off DNA.Siphon (as the buff portion doesn't req a to-hit check), & into Weave/Manu. toss Cremate's Acc/Dmg/End ToD into in Health with a Miracle unique. then i'd look at turning the Aval proc from Genetic (as PPM in toggles isn't so great - not bad, but not great - & it's only KD), into End Reduc (as Genetic is your highest source of toggle drain). 1.72/3.34 with those changes. 1.67/3.4 with +5'd End Reducs & the 2 P.Shifts 1.67/3.74 with Acco i like to have a 1/3 ratio or better, but w/o changing your build A LOT... those get ya closer.
  9. for /Elec, you should already be at/near the Res cap for SLENFCP ...so Melee Core wouldn't add anything more than +Regen to your overall build stats (aside from Tox Res). Radial would help boost Def along with the +Regen.
  10. the hardest-hitting attacks in the game are Melee, so Def.Sweep still covers these no matter what dmg type they are (Ranged & AoE tickle in comparison). plus Lethal tends to carry -Def with it, so increasing the buffer on Melee Def helps to counter -DDR. as for the OP, it looks to me your sets are kinda unfocused... leading to nothing really shining in particular, which can give you that "wet napkin" outcome. maybe come back to the build with fresh eyes & try aiming for specific goals one at a time? build for Melee Def, then start over & build to cap S/L Res, again for E/N Res, go from a clean sheet one last time & cram all the Rech you can into it. once you're done, pull up all of em at once & see what works together in an over-all build. post that new build & we can help you fine tune it.
  11. mine only has a bit under 130% Rech. at L50 with Agility i use Strike/Focus/Follow-Up on a boss, & let Spin/Shockwave alternate (depending on my/mob position) to remove all the minions/LTs. because i use Follow-up so much in my chain, i put Gaus BU, Scrap 50% Crit, & 2 dmg procs in it which also adds an E/N Res bonus. Shockwave is over 12sec base Rech (but under 4 once built), so the Rag purple proc fires often. def use the KB->KD proc in it, as you've got in the posted build. Spin with an Avalanche KD proc is slight mitigation. i have Evis 6slotted, but never use it... mostly a mule for Eradication/Cleaving bonuses. def no downtime waiting for good attacks to recharge on Claws.
  12. rebuilt my ill/Rad/Mace for solo'g AVs/GMs only to find the Phant & Tarantula constantly running under the heels of the target to fire their ranged-only attacks, to be squashed instantly. i don't remember what issue had that crap AI change, but it was right about the same time i'd finished slotting-up the char ... did it ever get fixed? was a great char otherwise ...230% Rech + Spiritual, nasty 130-160% -Res depending on procs, dual BU & several dmg procs, Energy Fonts, BP Lore & Support Hybrid & Degen, etc... but i only brought it out on teams with shield buffs after that. real bummer, that one.
  13. i've never used Hover with Claws, so i'm not sure how near the ground Spin might need to be. the rest all activate for me while jumping, so it's an assumption they would work while flying. are you running w/o Tough toggled to save End? if no, then i'd consider swapping out a few sets to shift bonuses away from S/L Res to SLEN Def & E/N Res ...Unbreakable, ShieldWall, TiCoating, Eradication, Cleaving, etc. personally prioritized SLENFC softcap Def, then E/N Res (F/C came easy with Winter/Purp), and didn't need as much Rech due to Claws being so fast. with Invince saturated, the icap levels of Def provides great buffer for -DDR mobs, & no real issues with Psi mobs either. good first pass
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