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Compare Irradiated Ground to Beta Decay - Power Details - AOE text incorrect


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Compare the details for these two powers.  Both center on yourself and have a AOE radius in actual usage.  So they should be similar in the way the powers are described right?.... nope.  "Irradiated Ground" text is bugged.

Beta Decay says:
Power Type:  Toggle
Target Type:  Self
Effect Area:  AoE -- 8.00 ft. radius (10 targets max)

Irradiated Ground says:
Power Type: Toggle
Target Type: Self
Effect Area:   Single Target
Attack Types: AoE

Again, they are nearly identical in function - centered on Self, AoE with a radius.

"Irradiated Ground" wrongly says, "Single Target".... that makes no sense in this context.   Beta Decay does not say that.  Beta Decay correctly says "AoE -- 8.00 ft. radius (10 targets max)."

So "Irradiated Ground"s Details for the power are bugged.  The text is wrong.



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It's technically not wrong. Irradiated Ground summons a pseudopet at the location of the user. So the single target is technically you. Then the summoned psudopet handles the AoE side of things.

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