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Announcing TWO October Costume Contests! October 10th & October 24th!

GM Miss

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Hey everyone, we are super excited about the upcoming spooky season. Just like last year - we’re announcing not one, but two Halloween Costume Contests!


Contest 1: Food and Drink (October 10th)

Come on out to Kallisti Wharf to celebrate the season - City of Heroween style! This is one of our most interesting themes yet - but I think you are up to the challenge. Come dressed as any food or drink that isn't copyrighted (Example: You can be a can of soda, but not a brand named can of soda). You can also come dressed as food related items or people (Chefs & Bakers, cooking equipment, and more!) This can be literal or abstract, the sky is the limit. If you would like an example - here is a past winner who dressed as an egg.



Contest 2: Traditional Halloween Costumes (October 24th)

Want to celebrate the season as a vampire, Frankenstein, werewolf, witch, or one of the other many amazing classic Halloween costume themes? Head on down to Kallisti Wharf the weekend before Halloween to celebrate the season and the communities amazing creative spirit! (Hey, ghost is another good one!) See you guys there, we’ll bring the candy! Below is an example of the winner from last year!




  • The first contest will take place on October 10th @ 9pm UTC
  • The second contest will take place on October 24th @ 9pm UTC
  • 9pm UTC is:
    • 10pm UK time
    • 5pm Eastern time
    • 2pm Pacific time
    • 11pm Central European time
    • Click here to see 9pm UTC in your timezone


  • Statesman Plaza in the centre of Kallisti Wharf on all five shards (Torchbearer, Excelsior, Reunion, Indomitable and Everlasting)
    • Heroes can reach Kallisti Wharf via the tram
    • Villains can reach Kallisti Wharf via the Smuggler’s Submarine in Sharkhead Isle and Grandville



  • The prizes for both contests will be the same
  • The 5 best costumes on each shard will win:
    • 1 permanent costume power
    • The Fashion Victim Badge
    • A permanent golden title:
      • Food and Drink Costume Contest Runner-Up
      • Halloween 2020 Costume Contest Runner-Up
    • 150 reward merits
  • The best costume on each shard will win:
    • 1 permanent costume power
    • The Fashion Victim Badge
    • A permanent golden title:
      • Food and Drink Costume Contest Finalist
      • Halloween 2020 Costume Contest Finalist
    • 300 reward merits
  • The single best overall costume will win: 
    • 3 permanent costume powers
    • The Fashion Victim Badge
    • A permanent golden title:
      • Food and Drink Costume Contest Winner
      • Halloween 2020 Costume Contest Winner
    • 1000 reward merits


Starting on the 'Classic Halloween' Contest:
The title and badge will be awarded to the character who won the contest. If the character you won on already has the badge and/or a title: You can PM @GM Miss in game, on discord, or on the forums to let her know another character you would like the title and badge on.

Curious about the permanent costume powers? Check them out here in our Folding @ Home post! (They are account wide!)

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@Andre and @NP123:

Trick or Treating / Hallowe'en is active on the Staging Shard right now.  There were some new changes this year and they wanted to test it before launch.

I've heard rumblings of "Monday" in General Chat on Everlasting, but no one has ever backed up the claim with proof, so it might just be a rumour.

There's also this:  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/22626-community-project-homecoming-team-appreciation-trick-or-treating/

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Rest assured, it will be worth the wait though.

There were some really great costumes and players were so creative, it was difficult to choose!

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This is the first time I've won an official Costume Contest (Runner-Up) so I wanted to post my stuff.

Food & Drink Costume Contest

Excelsior Server


Poison / Grape Juice (Water) Defender

Description:  Dr. Stephen Welch in 2004 developed a "Juice Suit" for his now friend "GJ".  GJ and "his" new suit is fully capable of speech, movement and dispensing different types of Grape Juice.  He has stopped by Paragon City to help fight villains with his special blend of weakening juice and damaging concentrated sprays.


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