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  1. I think we all have enough drama in our lives, let's try to be more kind and respectful to one another regardless of which shard or game we call home.
  2. Having perused the thread, I think any good that could have possibly come from it already will have. Though it'll now be locked, please always be excellent to one another and let others enjoy the game the way they want to.
  3. There are a lot of entertaining musings here, please do keep them coming. And in case anyone was wondering, I moved the topic to the most fitting section of the forums.
  4. As a Blaster it's amusing when most everything could be rent asunder from a distance, before anyone even had the chance to enter melee range. That said, the Archetypes, much like the players that enjoy them, each have something they are good at or are even better at than others. Let's just keep in mind that not everyone is going to like the same thing we do, and that's okay, we just need to stay objective and constructive when it come to discussions.
  5. While we all feel strongly about the game and changes we want to see, please remember to be kind and treat each other with respect.
  6. Warburg is the free-fire zone, RV is Blue vs. Red
  7. From personal experience, I don't have any connection issues when I play on the US shards.
  8. Hi there, Faraday Cage provides 10.38 mag Stun Protection for a 50 Controller, versus the 12 mag stun effect caused by defeating a Nictus Essence. Depending on which powers or buff effects are active alongside Faraday Cage when the Stun is triggered, or if it was deployed by a Defender it would be a different story. Hope this helps!
  9. I feel I must strongly caution against doing this in the Hive or the Abyss.
  10. SoonTM Rest assured, it will be worth the wait though. There were some really great costumes and players were so creative, it was difficult to choose!
  11. How has no one mentioned Batroc the Leaper! Oh... Heroes... Right. Sacre bleu.
  12. There was no disrespect perceived, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I was simply reiterating a few facts, such as the reason for the fix being implemented.
  13. The removal of Reward Merits from Giant Monsters in Architect Entertainment missions is a fix and not a punishment. It was not working as intended. It's understandable that this fix is frustrating for some, however there are many other ways to quickly gain Merits and Influence/Infamy within the realm of properly functioning game-play that are also far more enjoyable.
  14. I have always enjoyed my Regeneration characters, certain times more than others obviously, but seeing this thread makes me want to start a new one.
  15. The poor fire imps. Do they really deserve having even less of an incentive for people to do their best to keep their little, lovable selves alive?
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