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  1. Warburg is the free-fire zone, RV is Blue vs. Red
  2. From personal experience, I don't have any connection issues when I play on the US shards.
  3. Hi there, Faraday Cage provides 10.38 mag Stun Protection for a 50 Controller, versus the 12 mag stun effect caused by defeating a Nictus Essence. Depending on which powers or buff effects are active alongside Faraday Cage when the Stun is triggered, or if it was deployed by a Defender it would be a different story. Hope this helps!
  4. I feel I must strongly caution against doing this in the Hive or the Abyss.
  5. SoonTM Rest assured, it will be worth the wait though. There were some really great costumes and players were so creative, it was difficult to choose!
  6. How has no one mentioned Batroc the Leaper! Oh... Heroes... Right. Sacre bleu.
  7. There was no disrespect perceived, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I was simply reiterating a few facts, such as the reason for the fix being implemented.
  8. The removal of Reward Merits from Giant Monsters in Architect Entertainment missions is a fix and not a punishment. It was not working as intended. It's understandable that this fix is frustrating for some, however there are many other ways to quickly gain Merits and Influence/Infamy within the realm of properly functioning game-play that are also far more enjoyable.
  9. I have always enjoyed my Regeneration characters, certain times more than others obviously, but seeing this thread makes me want to start a new one.
  10. The poor fire imps. Do they really deserve having even less of an incentive for people to do their best to keep their little, lovable selves alive?
  11. Thank you for clarifying my statement. I did indeed mean that actions deemed necessary would not be communicated to any one but the party they were taken against. As I have said, if someone is being harassed in-game or on the forums please report it. If someone files a ticket simply because they don't like something or it doesn't align with their worldview it is a different issue. As always however the consequences of filing said tickets will stay between the person who filed them and the GM team. I would like to take this opportunity to point out, that while politics and controversial topics have really come to a head this year and the discourse on said topics is more vital than ever, there are established services and avenues where discussion can and should be had. Public channels in an online game, a game that offers a respite from the world, gives us a chance to be super and a city that is home to so many of us, are NOT among those places. The Code of Conduct is very clear.
  12. It's always advisable to stay away from controversial and political topics pursuant to the Code of Conduct. If there is a code of conduct violation please do not hesitate to report it. We take each report seriously and investigate them as such. What punishment, if any, is meted out however will never be communicated.
  13. This is not the thread for private issues, there are always proper channels and ways to deal with things. Please stay on topic going forward.
  14. It's a switch with an open switch cover, much like this one.
  15. This thread is now unfortunately locked. Everyone should only ever be excellent to one another.
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