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Summon Powers Whilst Flying


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Some changes on the Beta Test Server don't seem to raise anyone's ire.


I know, right? But it's true!


One of these is a change to most summonable Portals (and the Portable Workbench) that lets you summon them even while airborne. You still have to target the ground, and they appear on the ground, but you no longer have to toggle off flight powers to use them. For some characters, it's a huge QoL upgrade.


So, I was wondering if  the devs could apply this fix to summoned Pets?

I'd love to have my Pets fixed!

(Never mind what they say.)


Thanks for listening!


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  • Jimmy changed the title to Summon Powers Whilst Flying

Needs to be specific what the OP is saying, but using an Illusion/Dark Affinity controler I could summon all the pets and dark servant click + pointing in the air.  So a macro" /bind target location me " should just summon them then they drop


Dark Control by itself, you cannot summon the Umbral Beast click + pointing in the air.  You can use the Target Location command for the Umbral beast, but have to be with in the total summon distance above the ground....and if you use /powexec_location me Umbral Beast in a macro it actually moves the character downwards if you are too high until it can summon on the ground; that was kind of weird.

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