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Destiny:Barrier and scaling Resist


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The Destiny:Barrier incarnate power offers defense and, at tier 2 and above, resistance.  Do these buffs simply enhance existing shields, or are they like a defender's force field and sonic shields, adding protection regardless of whether a player has shield(s) of that type or not?


If it only adds to existing protection, does the resistance part buff the scaling resistance of Super Reflexes?  I am trying to decide if it makes sense for my SR tank, who no longer needs Ageless to overcome endurance problems, to switch to Barrier.

-- Rock

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It is just a flat out +Def and +Res, and has no bearing on what defensive powers you already have.  You could have no defense or resistance naturally and you'd still benefit from Barrier, just like the Force Field and Sonic Shields.  


Barrier can definitely help patch a SR set's weak resistances, but you could also consider Rebirth which grants a very strong AoE heal and either a +HP bonus or a +Regen bonus depending on the branch.  

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24 minutes ago, cohRock said:

@Omega-202, thank you.  I'll check into Rebirth as well.  Which would you personally choose?

I don't have any SR characters so that's a tough call.  Generally I prefer Barrier as a defensive Destiny, but that's mostly on characters that are not quite defense soft capped and could use that last bit of defense.  Because you are soft capped (I would guess, as a SR Tank), you don't really benefit from the Defense portion of Barrier.


But the good news is, you can test both on the test server, or worst case, make the Tier 2 or 3 of both on live (Tier 2 is pretty cheap to make) and see which you like better.  

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