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  • Scrooge: reach 50 without using or moving the Inspirations from the Tutorial
  • Doormat: level and be Defeated in an AE Mission without using any powers
  • I Played Live: use a Battlecry heard on Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, TRON, or the A-Team
  • Scrapster: as a Blaster, take Alpha 100 times while in a team
  • Third Time's the Charm: get stuck behind an open door while Hovering
  • Mouthful: be Defeated while typing in Chat
  • General Will: respond three times to a forum thread on Focused Feedback
  • Timing is Everything: use an Emerge Inspiration within one second of being Defeated
  • Lightning Strikes: be Defeated by the Drop Ship twice in a single MSR
  • Captain Obvious: be Defeated while Stealthed or Invisible
  • Eight Isn't Enough: login to 9 characters in one day
  • Language, Language: spend more than 5 minutes looking for a glowie in a CoT cave
  • Navel-Gazer: reply in Help, General, and Broadcast all within 1 minute
  • Fomo Hero: leave a team and join another in less than 10 seconds


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  • Thought that Counts: resurrect a Defeated teammate who is then immediately Defeated again
  • Fat Fingers: buy an Enhancement Converter for 750,000 Influence
  • At Your Own Risk: drop out without warning, while leading PI Radio Missions for a team of under-30s
  • Down, Sparky: as a teamed Tanker, start a a mission and leave all Toggles off
  • Old Timer: in chat, use the phrase "back in Live"
  • What Happens in the RWZ: be Defeated by a Rikti Monkey
  • Just Looking: as an MM and while teamed, stand in a doorway and position your pets in another doorway
  • Parenthetical Aside:  in your Bio, refer to your character on Virtue
  • Down, Sparky 2: be Defeated within 1 minute of increasing mission difficulty


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  • Sorry I Asked: resurrect a Defeated teammate while they are logging off. 
  • Chrono-not-that-way: direct a teammate without the Midnighter badge to Imperius while seven of you are waiting in Cimerora. 
  • Rescue Chickens: accompany a teammate on their first mission outside of an AE farm. 
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The Good Missions Guide: A Heroic Levelling Journey through Story Arcs Blueside Guide Easy IO Cheat Sheet 
The Mean Missions Guide: A Villainous Levelling Journey through Story Arcs Redside Guide Fortunatas are the Bestunatas
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  • There's Always One: Be the last to click "Accept" for your queued event ten times.
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Playing on Excelsior. Champion forever.

50s: Placta • elec/elec blaster // Rye Lily IV • mind/psi dominator // PLACT-A • bots/ff mastermind // Danielle Connelly • elec/elec dominator // Acme Coin Rink • ice/cold controller // Yin Blazer • psi/wp scrapper // Chalky Webs • db/sr stalker // Ultra Lance • kin/en scrapper // Eye Shell Coda • elec/elec tanker // Mind Wanna Fly • psy/emp corruptor

Others: Virtual Lines • peacebringer • 43 // Favours Green • plant/nat controller • 39 // Clear Corn Ion • elec/storm controller • 34 // Hum a Crypt • claws/regen scrapper • 29 // By Her Ant • psy/ment blaster • 24 // Clean a Hall Arch • shield/sword tanker • 19 // Paler Vow • ninjas/ta mastermind • 10 // more...

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These boots are made for walkin'  : Walk, as in the power, for 2.8 miles (that's about the length of IP). 

Two steps forward, one step backward : Walk backwards for 1.4 miles, but you only get it after getting the other one first.

You didn't see that : be defeated as a Rikti monkey.  Another possible name for this badge could be Potential Cage Fighter.


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corrected IP distance
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Love 'em!


The thread linked by Lunchmoney has serious suggestions mixed in with humorous gems. Standouts include:

On 2/9/2020 at 7:32 PM, EmperorSteele said:

At Least You Have Chicken (Accomplishment): You ran off ahead and ruined the plan, didn't you? While on a full team, be the first to be defeated before a total party wipe.


On 3/1/2020 at 9:46 AM, Twilight Singer said:

Sapper Slapper - You really don't have the energy to deal with this today - Defeat 100 Malta Sappers

See You In Hell - You've broken the hearts of many a Girlfriend From Hell - Defeat 50 Girlfriends From Hell


On 11/12/2020 at 9:49 AM, KaizenSoze said:

You Swiped Left - for the AV Tinder in DFB



On 12/2/2020 at 12:19 AM, Moonscribe said:

Self-Defeating -- Defeat 25 doppelgangers of yourself


Thinking About Retiring -- Defeat 500 points worth of Security Guards


Clown Hater -- Defeat Vanessa DeVore

Soul Musician -- Defeat Johnny Sonata's Soul

Consumer Advocate -- Defeat Countess Crey

The Butler Did It -- Defeat Hopkins

Requiescat In Pace -- Defeat Requiem

Roll Over Beethoven -- Defeat Maestro



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