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[Staging] Patch Notes for November 30th, 2020


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Note: The Beta shards were wiped on Thursday, November ūü¶É¬†26th.¬†You'll need to create or copy new characters.


New or updated changes are listed in green (these remain part of the patch notes)


Notes relevant to testing or changes from the previous build are listed in blue (these are deleted before the next build or before the live publish)


Winter Event

New for 2020: Snowbound Badge

  • Awarded for logging in during the event
  • Grants you the Holiday Spirit (debt protection) and Holiday Cheer (a gift for another player) temporary powers

New for 2020: Winter Forest Updates

  • The Winter Forest,¬†a special zone previously only accessible via Null the Gull, has been updated to be a seasonal hang-out spot
  • While the Winter event is active, it can be accessed from any TUNNEL portal or by using Long Range Teleporter
  • While the Winter event is active, several NPCs gather in the zone:¬†Ms. Liberty (Trainer), an Icon Cosmetic Surgeon, The Candy Keeper, Shady Nick¬†(Black Market), a P2W Winter Agent, a¬†Last-Minute Gift Shop (Quartermaster), a Merit Vendor, several heroes and villains from around Paragon and the Rogue isles, and of course, Null the Gull himself
  • An invention table, a base portal, and a TUNNEL portal have also been added, and they remain at all times, even after the winter event ends
  • Several small geometry fixes have been made
  • A minimap and a special loading screen have been added





Long Range Teleporter

Destination List

  • Destinations are now categorized and¬†coloured based on their location (Paragon City, Rogue Isles, Praetoria and Shadow Shard)
  • "Your Supergroup Base" is visible at the top of the list if you are in a Supergroup
  • "Enter Supergroup Passcode..." is visible at the top of the list at all times
  • Locked destinations are now listed
    • This makes it easier to see where you can and cannot go, and also keeps every destination in a consistent location regardless of how many you've unlocked
    • Zones that your current alignment cannot visit are not listed
  • Shadow Shard zones moved to the bottom of the list
  • Hero zones re-ordered slightly, all co-op zones are now at the bottom of the Hero zone list
  • Zone levels have been removed in order to make the list easier to read

Zone Checker

  • A zone checker list has been added to the Fast Travel macro,¬†¬†allowing you to check which zones you have and haven't unlocked in LRT has been added to the fast travel macro
  • Unlocked zones can be clicked, doing so will activate LRT (you'll still need to select the destination in the LRT popup)
  • This is likely only a temporary solution, we'd like to add something more integrated with the power itself
  • Thanks to @AboveTheChemist¬†and @Jacke¬†for their assistance with this
  • NOTE: If you have manually downloaded an updated version of fasttravel.mnu, you need to delete it in order to see this update

Other Changes

  • Long Range Teleporter can now be purchased from the P2W vendor
    • It costs 1,000,000 influence
    • It can be found under Prestige Powers > Travel > Long Range Teleporter
    • This only unlocks the power itself (with the default base access), exploration badges are still required to unlock each zone
  • Long Range Teleporter's long and short descriptions now clearly state it allows you to access Supergroup bases
  • Long Range Teleporter now uses a long interruptible animation when used inside a mission with Temporary Powers disabled (eg: in Master Of runs)
  • Fixed Faultline not unlocking properly
    • Previously it would unlock if you owned any badge from Echo: Faultline, rather than Faultline proper





Story Arcs

The Graveyard Shift

  • Updates to spawns in the rave mission to reduce the chance for extreme psychological¬†trauma
  • Adjusted the¬†Raverobber spawn to ensure that the spawn clears as complete as soon as Raverobber drops
  • Reduced the potency of the viral cocktail, now only reduces endurance by 10 instead of 20

    • MM pets now also get the Viral Cocktail

  • Immune booster power corrected to run for 60s, not 30s, stacking

  • Upgraded the Zoombie explosions: They move faster, hit harder, hit you AND enemies - and added knockback

  • Disclaimers added to Pathogen and Cortex missions to bring friends

The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok

  • Doc Buzzsaw contact updated to remove the HREF store link which would cause the contact to crash if clicked while running the arc via Ouroboros

  • Unkillable enemies getting onto the other side of the fence in the Zig should be less of a problem

    • Wardens using Gale were the issue, and that spawndef simply stops spawning bosses for Longbow now

Cortex (Both arcs)

  • Heroside version

    • Rise to the challenge and wasting disease removed from him

  • Redside version

    • Psychic Scream removed fromdecaying version

    • Also has no confuse power still, intended

  • Mind Stab:¬†20s rech (was 4s),¬†1.24 damage scale (was 1.64)

  • Subdue:¬†3s rech (was 8s),¬†.6 damage scale (was 1.0)

  • Telekinetic Blast:¬†6s rech (was 8s), damage for Smash/Psi now .63/.34, was 1/.64

  • Mesmerize:¬†3s rech (was 6s), sleep duration reduced from 30 to 18, damage reduced

  • Dominate:¬†5s rech (was 8s),¬†.70 damage scale (was 1.0)

  • Greater Psi Blade:¬†30s rech (was 15s), lethal damage removed, psionic damage at 1.7 scale

  • Confuse added back into his power kit, recharge increased to 20s, mag increased from mag3 to mag4, duration cut to 10s from 20s

  • Updated the Cortex Illusion Spawns to be less painful in quantity



Blaster Psychic Blast

  • Several powers have had their range increased to match the bonus range that other versions of Psychic Blast have
  • Psionic Dart range increased from 80ft to 100ft
  • Mental Blast range increased from 80ft to 100ft
  • Telekinetic Blast range increased from 80ft to 100ft
  • Will Domination range increased from 80ft to 100ft
  • Psionic Tornado range increased from 80ft to 100ft
  • Scramble Thoughts range increased from 80ft to 100ft

Sentinel Psychic Blast

  • Several powers have had their range increased to match the bonus range that other versions of Psychic Blast have
  • Mental Blast range increased from 60ft to 75ft
  • Telekinetic Blast range increased from 60ft to 75ft
  • Psychic Scream range increased from 40ft to 50ft
  • Will Domination range increased from 60ft to 75ft
  • Psionic Strike range increased 60ft to 75ft
  • Psionic Tornado range increased from 40ft to 50ft
  • Scramble Thoughts range increased from 60ft to 75ft



  • Trainers no longer lie to players about Supergroup Mode and Prestige
  • Null the Gull no longer discusses the Dimensional Warder badge with Praetorians before they move over into Primal Earth properly

Praetorian Supergroup Registrar

  • Added a new Supergroup Registrar for Praetorians
    • They are located in front of the Civic Center in Nova Praetoria (-4369.0 34.0 -256.0)
    • They use a fancy new Powers Division Supergroup registration form

P2W Vendor

  • The various prestige teleportation powers in the P2W store now have proper descriptions instead of just saying "Buy me!"
  • Moved Prestige Sprints into the Travel category at the P2W vendor


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many powers having incorrect colour palettes for power customization
    • Many powers had their power customization options incorrectly assigned in i27 - this patch should resolve these issues
  • Fixed a bug that with the Supergroup registration screen; it was showing the wrong alignment very often
  • Fixed some text errors with the Auctioneer day job
  • Fixed the Monitor Duty badge incorrectly referring to the Base Teleporter power (the old name for the Monitor Duty Teleporter power)
  • Fixed the¬†Visionary badge not awarding credit for Overseer bosses
    • These were still being tracked, they just weren't attached to the badge, so if you killed a bunch before this patch you may automatically earn the badge when you log in
  • Fixed the Duray encounter failing during Admiral Sutter's TF

Powers Bug Fixes

  • Travel Powers should no longer generate a flashing buff icon

    • Note: Athletic Run was missed in this first fix, will be in the next patch

  • Trick Arrow

    • Disruption Arrow: This power's -MaxEnd debuff is now affected by AT modifiers

    • Glue Arrow:

      • Fixed short description to note it is a Location AoE

      • Slow enhancements should now work on this power

    • Mastermind: The following powers had their end cost accidentally lowered, this has been reversed:
      • ¬†Ice Arrow
      • ¬†Acid Arrow
      • ¬†Disruption Arrow
      • ¬†EMP Arrow
  • Energy Melee

    • Power Crash:

      • End cost for this power was set too low, increased from 9.36 to 15.184

      • Stalker version was not doing Crit from hide, this has been fixed

    • Stalker¬†> Energy Punch: Crit damage was hitting for too little damage. This has been fixed

  • Dark Melee > Touch of Fear:

    • Power should again have a 30% chance for additional mag 1 fear on the primary target

    • A consistency pass has been made on Touch of Fear's AoE damage

  • Blaster > Darkness Manipulation > Touch of the Beyond: Should now grant fear resistance in PvP, not fear protection

  • Blaster > Tactical Arrow > Oil Slick Arrow: This power should now grant a Defiance buff

  • Scrapper > Energy Aura > Entropic Aura: This power should no longer debuff the caster's own recharge

  • Pool > Leadership > Victory Rush:

    • End Mod Enhancements should now work on this power

    • Fixed issues where sometimes it would do the same buff if used on Lts or Minions

  • Force Fields > Dispersion Bubble: Restored a missing VFX that would indicated what allies are being buffed by the power

  • Traps > Force Field Generator: Restored a missing VFX that would indicated what allies are being buffed by the power

  • Warshade > Umbral Aura > Shadow Slip: This power is now flagged as AoE, Negative Energy attack

  • Kinetics > Transfusion: This power should now heal even if the target dies shortly after the animation starts

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