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I was a long time player back in the day and am now back. I rolled a Staff/Ninjitsu scrapper and he's fun. I could use some advice as to what pools to go with though. I'll get Fighting for sure (Tough) but Leaping would be my normal next choice but Combat Jumping can't be used with Shinobi-Iri so I am not sure if that makes sense. Any recommendations?

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If you're going by Mids' description, it's wrong, Combat Jumping CAN be used with Shinobi-Iri.


Edit: Actually, the Mids description has been changed, it no longer erroneously states that jumping powers can't be used with Shinobi-Iri. Shinobi-Iri just can't be used with other stealth powers.

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10 hours ago, BrandX said:

The only think annoying, is Combat Jumping detoggling when you activate ninja run.

I set up a bind for that;

/bind f "powexec_name Ninja Run$$powexec_name Combat Jumping"

Just change "f" to whatever button you prefer.

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