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want to play kin cant figure out class


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You have all the character slots, play each of them and figure out which you like best. It may not be the answer you want, but it's the best answer.


Corruptor works out strong in theory because of damage caps by AT (corruptor cap is higher) and additionally scourge, if damage is your goal.  If I had to pick an optimal AT to play Kinetics on, it'd be Corruptor for me.


Defender gets powers earlier and has better secondary debuff values if you intend to do something like sonic or dark for blasting, etc.


Controller has access to controller primary powers if that's a playstyle you prefer. Mastermind has pets and stuff if you like that.  These two seem like the weakest choices out of the gate.



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Kin isn't just about increasing your damage, its also very much about increasing your recharge. You can get a ton of recharge, for those slow charging powers, without spending much at all on IOs or sets. 


So match any powerset to it that has long charging powers and amaze yourself as you get to use them much much more often.

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