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Expanding/Shrinking Base Props


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A bit of a quality of life for base builders.  Super Group Base Prop biggening and shrinking.


If there was a way to just make base props bigger or smaller, it would open up a new venue of customization and creation of bases due to being able to create new things by just, shrinking items and putting them together or making an over egotistical giant thing.  IT may also open options for base level design contests and such.

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Nice suggestion, but probably beyond the platform/engine's abilities. I can't think of anything else in the game that scales dynamically. Toon height is about it. (And that  and other 'scaling' is just mesh warping.)


There is the pseudo-sorta-kinda scaling of positioning things through others or through walls. I make nice glowy walk-through partitions by sinking Rikti Computers in the floor and walls, for example.


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On a technical level I'm sure this is way easier said than done, but...


God damn do I want this as an option so badly.


Not only would it open so many doors for using objects in interesting new ways, but so often there's an object that would look perfect for what I want to do, only to place it and find it's way too huge or way too small. Or even just ever so slightly the wrong sort of scale. In particular, the letters/numbers in the Alphabet tab having only one singular size throughout them all. I'd love to be able to make smaller signs in certain places, but the current selection of letters are all so huge...


It would also help in tidying up some item categories where there's lots of the same objects in different sizes already, like the various statues and rock shapes. You'd only need the one version for those instead of 3-5, if we have more free control over how scaled up or down they are.


It's probably not something we'll have any time soon if ever, but a girl can dream.

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For what it's worth, in another ancient MMO, Everquest, object scaling is possible for the player housing in that game and rumor is that code is even more of a mess + instanced housing was tacked on later rather than being in from the start.

Granted, it just takes the code being the wrong sort of mess rather than comparatively cleaner to make this impossible, but until a dev chimes in I'll hold out hope it can be done.

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Actually, some items have stretch/warping and I get the feeling it's doable (I think some of the wood pillars allow for angled stretching). I wouldn't be surprised if there is a setscale type command for Devs/GMs. Probably more of a mess to add it to the UI than anything.


And IIRC, COH is built on a really old base of Unreal Engine which has it.

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Honestly, I'd like to split some of the items apart (that still need scaling to better sizes, as well) - such as the SG tables. Sized to make everyone look like the two year old sneaking a seat at the grownups table, if they can fit in...


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