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Blaster Holds and immobilizers?


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So what blaster secondary holds and immobilizers are worth using for the there intended purpose? Which ones are better for just slotting for damage? From what i'm reading a lot of people don't use them at all.

I'm not sure slotting them for damage will help weaker power set in the blaster primary. 

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Holds: all for damage, especially with damage procs.

Immobs: Um, generally not that useful, with a few exceptions...

...Plant is worth taking and using, and then you may as well slot it up for damage, because its Immob is Mag 4. If you hunt AVs, then a Mag 4 Immob is useful, and if you don't, then a one-shot Immob against many melee-oriented Bosses makes them a joke. A Tank Smasher isn't going to kill you with his ranged Grenade.

...Fire may be worth taking, its DPA is actually quite good compared to many Tier 1 blasts, and you get an Immob as a bonus. Generally it's competitive DPA-wise against Tier 2 attacks, so if you want to do damage while also Immobilizing, it's useful. Note that a downside is that the damage is DoT.

...Dark is useful because it has a -ToHit, so especially with double-Dark you can stack up enough -ToHit to keep a Boss at range and neuter their chance to hit.

I'm not sure any of the others is really useful. Maybe Ice for double-Ice to stack up -Recharge against a Boss... I like -ToHit more, but a Boss does take a while to kill so -Recharge can be useful. I don't recall if the -Recharge out of Electrified Net Arrow is enough to matter, if it is, then it may also be useful and it has a fast animation.

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1 hour ago, Galamane said:

Cool thx for the info. I was thinking about how some people don't want to take all the melee powers in there secondary. The might have one melee but maybe the holds/immobilize could compensate for that. 

Temporal is one. Time Wall (Immob) has a small chunk of -Regen (25%) in it and also increases the Mag of Time Stop (Hold), which also has a chunk of -Regen (50%). 


My Water/Time doesn't have the melee attacks and uses the Hold instead occasionally. 

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