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Elec Defense perma Power Surge?


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Years ago someone posted a Melee build where they had the Electric Defense set. He had Power Surge to where it was almost... almost.. perma'd. Has anyone here tried to recreate this build yet, and if so would you share it, please, if possible? 


If not able to post a build, is there any links to the old game forums where I can look through things at? 


Any help at all to get me pointed in the right direction would help. I truly suck at making builds from scratch.



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I want to say the best you can get is about 20 seconds of downtime at the recharge cap (1000s base, recharge cap of 400%, giving you a 200s recharge on a power with a 180s duration), but it's not really possible to hit the recharge cap while solo except maybe in very short bursts. The crash at the end makes it not really worth even taking except maybe as an "oh shit" button.

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Proc information and chance calculator spreadsheet (last updated 28JAN22)

Player numbers graph (updated every 15 minutes) Graph readme

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Like I said, ALMOST perma Power Surge. He had Phase Shift installed as the safe guard after the crash. 


Power Surge-Crash-eat a Blue-Phase Shift- back to Power Surge.

Something like that. 


So if I can get it to hit the recharge cap as Macskull states, this is possible again.



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1 hour ago, Outrider_01 said:

Force Feed back +recharge proc help at all?  Definetly shave a few seconds off that.

A primary like SS or Stone where you can stick FF in just about everything to keep a constant +100%

+20% recharge from Lightning Reflexes

+70% from Hasten

+95% in Power Surge (probably want to avoid a recharge alpha, to keep proc rates up)

leaving you 115% recharge to find in set bonuses, which implies dedicating your build to it but not impossible


You could also get Ageless to round it up.

It would be relatively inefficient as an overall build, but that should get you as close to perma Surge as you can.


Edit: here's my attempt on Stone/Elec.


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |


It has Power Surge on a 22.5s cooldown if the FF proc goes off consistently, 73.9s cooldown if no proc ever went off.

FF is in most attacks, also including lolBoulder rather than Gloom to get more FF chances still. You can basically chain the two mallets and Hurl Boulder, and replace Hurl Boulder with Tremor, Seismic Smash and Fault at will.
It has 100% slow resistance, so recharge debuffs don't screw us over.
Feels surprisingly playable on paper.

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Power Surge is completely unnecessary. My Stone/Elec is at the resistance cap for S/L/E and at 65% for F/C/Psi (easily capped by inspirations), so the only use would be against toxic or possibly negative energy damage. You're much better off taking Destiny Barrier, Hybrid Melee or Rune of Protection (the first two of which are on a 2 minute recharge).

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