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Is it possible to change how enemies dodge/ your attacks miss?


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It's super frustrating, especially when you just made a new toon, when all your attacks miss on a target that isn't moving nor has your attention.  The fact that all your attacks are on CD, and enemies can seem to attack you fine adds more to this frustration.  I never really liked this idea in these type of games to begin with, but if its possible to make it work more differently and imo more sensible, then i think it would be fine.  That is, if its actually possible to do that coz i honestly dunno if you guys would be able to in an old game.


I think like the chance for enemies to dodge attacks should be based off of various things that stack on each other to increase evade chance like:

A)They are moving

B)They are aware of you

C)innate abilities/skills (ie skill level in martial arts training, radar (for robots), or spectral form even (for evading physical attacks mostly) and ect).

D)levels ahead of u maybe


Otherwise, a lowbie mob who is stationary, not aware of you, dont have any training or skill(s) increasing evade chance ect should not be able to dodge your first few hits.


Coz right now on my toon less than lvl 10 kind of annoying to choose between my powers having to hit or have short CD coz one, this slow CD is no fun for me.  One of the main reasons i always go CD at first coz i cant take the slow gameplay in the early stages.  I then add dmg/accuracy as i lvl up more coz  we open up to more slottables (hence why the game would need to challenge those new changes with stuff like mobs evading more/does more dmg/has more hp and ect).  I didnt think i wud have to worry much when im low level.  I can get it with higher levels, accuracy would be as important as dmg/cd, but at low level when i decided to scale mobs to be my level and scaled to one player team for this particular character im leveling up, shouldn't have to worry about each of my attacks missing so many times in a row 😞


I wanted to get into this more coz my friend plays this alot now and it has many things i like over CO, but kinda hard to stay in the game with this kind of mechanics.  Trying to play various toons coz grinding on my main kinda gets boring since leveling starts to get slow and i really wanna try the builds i had planned for my other toons.

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14 hours ago, RocketPoop said:

It's super frustrating, especially when you just made a new toon, when all your attacks miss on a target that isn't moving nor has your attention

This is why beginner's luck exists.

@macskull/@Not Mac

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Player numbers graph (updated every 15 minutes) Graph readme

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To answer the OP question, no not really it would require large changes in the attack mechanics.  And as pointed out above by @macskullthere is a mechanic introduced to help with some of the issues you're having namely Beginner's Luck.  Between Beginner's Luck and the Streak Breaker missing "so many times in a row" should be nearly impossible at level 10 and under.  You should be unable to miss more than twice without the next hit being forced by streak breaker unless using a power with an accuracy mod less than 1.0.

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