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I've always felt like the PvP zones that are supposed to be big battle between heroes and villains was a little..  too tamed and simple?

I had an idea...  If there was a larger map like Steel canyon (but maybe more smoky/fiery and damaged if possible), and other objectives to give your side (Hero or villain) buffs or debuffs would be cool.  Like putting out burning buildings/setting them on fire, Robbing the bank/stopping the robbery, Defusing bombs around the city/setting the explosives, Arrest X number of criminals/Kill X number of civilians etc...     You could have players who plan to sneak around and try to defuse bombs or set them to get an advantage, which might work but the opposing team might find you and stop you.  Some might ignore the side quests and just decide to face off head-to-head. Players could be scouts flying in the air to try and spot opposing teams trying to complete the side quests and relay info to their side, etc.

I feel it'd make the warzone feel more interesting and give other player types a chance to shine.  Maybe a toon isn't good at PvP but is very fast and stealthy so they can dash to set the buffs/debuffs, Or maybe a stealthy team sets explosives and wait to ambush heroes that try to defuse them. It adds a strategic win possibility which to me seems REALLY fun. 

All buffs/debuffs would have to be temporary of course, and the optional side objectives would have to have a respawn time but I think it'd bring a whole new life to PvP and draw in more interest.

I know there are some side quests in RV that can spawn AV's/Heroes but that's kinda...   meh...

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Open pvp, in steel canyon, and all paragon city! 


No one can touch you unless minimum lvl 10, with +/- 4 or 8 depending on zone. 


Aggro Lazer bots /arachnos arbiter things will kill you real good if you engage by a trainer, or a transit area. 


AE mission doors now throughout town. 

- AE invasion system. 

- gather vertebrae shackles for miss liberty

- engage in jolly cooperation. 


The only non open flagged pvp zone, mercy island. 


That'd fix everything! 



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Welp, the Warzones outside RV are dead because nowhere else lets you have all the top end shinies. Back before "thedawnatime", before Incarnates, Warburg used to see a lot more action because people WANTED those nukes to actually use, as opposed to have a cool temp power/get the Rocket Man/Woman badge.  You needed it for some things.  Now? Nope. I used one last year in an ITF, didn't even notice it in all the Ion Judgements going off. Shivan Shards? They're handy but you can buy a Sig Summons at the P2W so...whatever.


Thing is, the "other players", as far as I can see, in your proposition, majority of them, don't want to be IN a PVP zone in the first place. So there's that to deal with.

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AE SFMA Arcs: Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part One. (Arc id 26756) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Two. (Arc id 26952) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Three. (Arc id 27233) 

Darker Deeds: Part One (Arc id 28374) | Darker Deeds: Part Two. (Arc id 28536) Darker Deeds: Part Three. (Arc id 29252) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part One (Arc id 29891) |

Darkest Before Dawn: Part Two (Arc id 30210) Darkest Before Dawn: Part Three (Arc id 30560) | Bridge of Forever ( Arc id 36642)*The Cassini Division (Arc id 37104)*The House of Gaunt Saints (Arc id 37489)*


*Pre War Praetorian Loyalist.

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Maybe if there were just some Events in the existing PvP Zones that would draw a crowd.

ie:  Escort the Jade Spider trough Siren's Call!

Once every three hours, the Jade Spider spawns in Siren's Call next to the Arachnos Base.  It starts with a super powerful shield.  It walks a preset distance toward the Hero hospital whenever the Villain players assist in defeating the Longbow in one of the street skirmish zones.  Conversely, its shields lose strength each time the Heroes help defeat Arachnos in those same skirmishes.  Once made vulnerable, Hero players can attack and destroy the Jade Spider.

Kind of a "Payload" game mode.

It doesn't radically change the intended design in Siren's Call, since the street skirmishes are still the focal points of the action, but it also gives players something BIG AND EXCITING to latch on to for extra invested interest.


Perhaps something with the giant Neo-Shivans in Bloody Bay?

Or some kind of "find the Super-Genius Scientist" event in Warburg which unlocks a new Uber-Nuke.

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2 hours ago, TemporalVileTerror said:

Maybe if there were just some Event


It'd have to come with a bribe. Unique costume pieces (they'd enrage, hehe he), or something tangible...


enough to have them swallow their immortal, unstoppable, mememe leisure me time me relax me only ever me feeling me Supreme me time mode.


I don't know what that reward would have to be, other than empryion merits.

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