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Homecoming Launcher Patch Notes for April 21, 2021

Number Six

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Version 4250


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash that could happen if multiple profiles tried to update simultaneously (usually from being set to update automatically) that both depend on a shared package that was also updated.
  • Fix a reversion that would cause verify tasks to block other tasks from running.


UPDATING NOTE: If you have multiple profiles set to update automatically, you may find that the launcher crashes before it can update itself. To work around the issue, look in your COH install directory and delete the file settings/launcher/packages/launcher.json. As it go into the folders "settings", then "launcher", then "packages", and delete launcher.json.


That will force the self-repair to run and will update the launcher to the newest version before starting the UI, breaking the cycle and allowing it to load.

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Maybe run a routine that forces the launcher to prevent the games updating first if it has an update itself?

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