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A Question About SJ/SR


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  • 00Troy00 changed the title to A Question About SJ/SR
7 hours ago, 00Troy00 said:

Is it possible to build this combo in a way that manages End without gimping it on damage?


I don't see why not.  I play SJ/SR as a Stalker so my perspective is a little skew there.  However, the design fundamentals shouldn't be that different.  Also, Stalkers get Assassin's Strike vs Rib Cracker.  Rib Cracker has a much lower endurance cost compared to Assassin's Strike.  All that to say, I don't find endurance to be a problem on my Stalker but it does have room for one more endurance proc than a Scrapper would.  That may be offset, somewhat, by Rib Cracker's lower cost to use.  

The key on sustaining endurance is to use the endurance benefiting procs.  


 End bonuses that go into Health: 

- Numina's Regen/Recovery proc

- Miracle's Recovery proc

- Panacea's hit point heal/endurance proc 


End bonuses that go into Stamina, and ideally Physical Perfection (Stalkers also get Superior Conditioning, but Conserve Power may find use to you):

- Performance Shifter's chance for +endurance which can be slotted in both powers


^^^^ This is it.  That combination of specific endurance procs and powers should remove the bulk of your endurance issues.  None of the above gimps damage.  


Super Reflexes is relatively low investment when it comes to additional powers.  You really only need the core tool kit plus Tough, and Weave.  Tough allows you to slot both 3% global defenses and Weave can get you nearly the rest of the way there.  You may opt for one more power that buffs defense like Combat Jumping (the cheapest endurance option), Stealth, and/or Maneuvers.  This means you can hit high defense with very few toggles.  You may even omit those extra toggles entirely depending on specific sets you want.  Running fewer toggles means more endurance is available for your smashy smash.  


The issue, as I always see it, is when you are leveling up any toggle heavy character the endurance costs can seem extreme.  It will eventually get better and using the endurance specific procs will help substantially.  Slot those as early as you can to ease the leveling.  

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9 hours ago, 00Troy00 said:

I hear some people saying Ninjitsu is basically upgraded SR.


Nah. Just different. Nin gets the click heal and click end recovery but if you have to use those you're cutting into your DPS. Nin also provides far less Defense Debuff Resistance so it HAS to use that heal while SR doesn't need one.

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17 hours ago, 00Troy00 said:

By tye way, I thought of a couple of questions:


1. Would you mind showing me you Stalker build?


2. Why did you choose SR over Ninjitsu? I hear some people saying Ninjitsu is basically upgraded SR.


How about an example of the same conceptual idea but in Scrapper form (since this is the Scrapper forum and there are posts about SJ/SR in the Stalker community already).  


I purposefully leave some powers empty.  You can put whatever sets into those powers you want, or no sets at all, or whatever.  The defense is already at 45%, at least, and global recharge at 160%+.  Any tweaks will just improve it from here.  


I saw your question about a Dual Blades/Super Reflexes build.  I slot my DB/SR Scrapper very similarly to this.  At least for the SR side.  There are enough power slots left over to push global recharge well over 185%.  My DB/SR goes just over 200%.  That is just a matter of using all 5% global recharge x 5 sets (Crushing Impact, Red Fortune), 10% global recharge x 5 sets (Superior ATO, Purple sets), and all 5 Luck of the Gambler 7.5% recharge IOs on top of the 20% of Quickness and 70% off Hasten.  That's how you get 200% global recharge off Super Reflexes. 

Anyway, I'm fond of using 1 Luck of the Gambler plus 5x Red Fortune in a few powers.  The full Reactive Defenses set, I use Weave for it out of habit, is a nice 8.75% recharge.  All of this really starts to add up with Quickness, Hasten, and other set bonuses.  


You'll see below I don't 6 slot all the defense passives.  I may add a few other slots to those, as needed, but they are not an initial priority to me.  The posting below still has 1 power open and 7 slots.  I'd consider loading up Health to 5 slots in total running every unique proc that exists (Numina, Miracle, Preventative Medicine, Panacea, Regenerative Tissue), and maybe doing something similar to Stamina (Performance Shifter, Power Transfer, Synapse's Shock, etc.). 


The point of the below is to show there is a lot of flexibility.  If you are worried about gimping anything from here, don't be.  The combination is pretty high performance as it is and practice with the combos themselves is more important anyway.  


Why SR vs NIN?  SR is easier to build for, comes with 20% global recharge - which I wanted -, and has better defense against debuff.  NIN is a pretty cool set but the tools it comes with aren't what I am looking for. 




| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |


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On 7/28/2021 at 4:37 AM, nihilii said:

Also less base defense on /nin. /nin needs set bonuses to softcap whereas /SR can get there with just Weave/CJ/Maneuvers + the 2 3% def uniques.


Or with set bonuses, since homeboy was worried about end consumption and Weave/Maneuvers is two more toggles to run.

Plus you get to see your costume with SR.

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