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Letters and Numbers Not Working in Game

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I just logged in after the servers came up to dance around Liberty.  Then, I realized that the tequilla window was up, so I hit alt+tab to minimize it.  Then I clicked back in the game and suddenly my letters and numbers stopped working properly.


They work fine in the game chat and in the character creation but that's it.  I can move with the arrow keys and use skills with the mouse, but my letters and numbers just don't work to move me or use skills. W,A,S,D do nothing.  1-0 do nothing.


Here's what I've done so far:

Reset keybinding

Save default settings, load from the default settings file

Logged out of the game and closed tequilla

Cleared the cache and temp files on my computer

Created a new character

Validated game files with the tequilla client a great many times


OS: Windows 10

KB: Logitech G510


Update: If I hold ALT, the keys start working for a bit but then I get stuck running in one direction and nothing will cancel/change it.


Am I just missing something or did I somehow corrupt my game?

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Do you have any sort of custom gaming KB layout active?

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No, there is nothing custom about from my KB that's active.  I've also switched out my main KB with a regular plain USB KB and the issue persists. 


If I delete the game directory and download a fresh copy, everything works just fine.  I've been playing for the past few days after a fresh install, and suddenly the issue happened again (no alt-tabbing this time).


I'm thinking this is some kind of bug with the current client or something.  Are there any logs I can submit?

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No idea, but I had a huge problem with alt+tab a few days ago.  It simply would not tab out.

So I did the ol' ctrl+alt+delete to open the taskmanager. 


When it came back to my desktop, the tab for CoH was a big blank black box of nuthin'.  I couldn't even close it with the tab, had to close it through the taskmanager.


Then, just to be safe, I rebooted the computer.  Everything seemed fine after that, was even able to use alt+tab with success.


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